The Wonderful Worlds of Emma J Shipley

By Chere Di Boscio

Certainly, some pieces of fashion could be considered works of art.

Indeed, couture designs from the likes of Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs have been displayed in the leading museums of the world. But Emma J Shipley blurs the lines between art and fashion even further with the meticulously drawn designs of her sustainable silk and cashmere scarf collections.


The young Royal College of Arts graduate launched her first scarf collection at London Fashion Week in 2012, and has been making a splash in the worlds of fashion and design ever since.


The designer’s distinctive style and intricate use of shading evokes tattoo art; her use of flora and fauna and bright colour brings to mind the works of Paul Gauguin and book illustrations .


Taking her inspiration from Victorian botanical drawings, Greek mythology and evolution, Shipley’s painstakingly detailed designs are drawn by hand before being transferred onto the purest of sustainable materials. Nature features prominently in her work, and for us, seems to send a message of the interconnectivity of all living things.


The originality of her work caught the attention of iconic wallpaper brand Osborne & Little, who asked Ms. Shipley to design a collection for them. Furniture brand Camira also collaborated with the young designer, who created monochrome ape drawings to be set into chairs, and proudly British shoe maker Nicholas Kirkwood recently joined forces with Shipley to create an intricately crafted line of high-heeled luxury shoes.


The delicacy of line, boldness of colour and overall beauty of Emma J Shipley scarves catapult them beyond the realm of fashion–these are pieces you’d just as soon frame as wear.


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