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Tried and Tested: Mavala Nail Polish

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By Sophia Hussain

My first nail lacquer indulgence was discovering petite bottles of high-gloss colours with a metallic gold brush cap, at a French pharmacy.  There are no tester bottles, but rather, an ingenious display stand with one perfectly manicured and painted, long almond-shaped, false nail attached to the front of each corresponding colour row.  Simply place your index finger underneath the false nail to reveal which hue would best suit your skin.  There are at least six variants of black cherry hues alone in the 100+ collection.

The brand is MAVALA nail polish, an acronym cleverly comprised of the first two letters of the brand creator’s full name: Madeliane Van Landeghem.  Created in 1958 in Geneva, Switzerland, this mini colour collection is named after an international city, such as Paris, London, and Izmir.  Whilst their seasonal collections are assigned theme names, such as Jewel, Metropolitan, and Sublime.  Of course there is a “Genève” nail polish hue in opal.


Mavala’s formula is free from harmful ingredients such as parabens, formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, cellophane, and heavy metals.  The unique formula is also vegan friendly and delivers microscopic air pockets to allow the nails to breathe, hence promoting healthy nails.  These “iconic 5ml pots of colour” also minimise waste so it is possible to use up the entire bottle of polish before it dries up or you become tired of the colour.

My Honest  Review

I indulged in two feminine hues in my favourite finishes: glitter and cream.  I applied these colours onto clean, buffed, manicured nails, and no base or top coat was used.

For my fingernails, I selected Silver Glitter which is comprised of micro glitter particles, suspended in a clear base.  I went for a French manicure interpretation and applied the glitter on my long fingernail tips.  This was effortless to achieve due to the mini brush head design.  After two coats, and less than 10 minutes drying time, the micro glitter particles sparkled like faceted diamonds.  The nail polish remained chip-free for five days, and the glitter particles were easy to remove with an acetone-free nail polish remover.


For my toenails, I selected La Paz which is a bright pink hue.  I painted all my toenails with one coat and after 10 minutes total drying time, I had a fabulous rich opaque, high-gloss finish.  By day seven, the nail polish was still chip free and the colour remained vibrant.  The cream finish was also easy to remove with an acetone-free remover.

However, beware to never allow a drop of nail polish remover to come into contact with the shiny gold metallic brush cap, as this will cause the gold to lose its lustre.

Overall, despite it being one of the more established names in the market, Mavala is a surprisingly eco-friendly, long lasting brand with a rainbow of hues to select from. Highly recommended.

Since selection varies from each country, please visit MAVALA online for their complete collection here.

Sophia Hussain

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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