10 Lab Grown Diamond Brands We Love

Worried your diamond ring may be surrounded by bad vibes? These are the best lab grown diamond brands we know. Cleaner and greener! 

By Lora O’Brien

It’s hard to deny the appeal of a dazzling diamond, which has become one of the most sought after precious stones. Especially for couples considering marriage!

But beneath the shiny surface of a diamond is an incredibly dirty history. Mined deep under the earth, the job of digging up diamonds is a dangerous process. Workers frequently get injured, or even die. And of course, to get to the diamonds in the first place, the earth is brutally dug up. That means chopping down trees, destroying animals’ habitats, and ruining entire ecosystems.

But today there is a new and exciting way to purchase diamonds with a clean conscience.

Lab grown diamonds have been growing in popularity for some time now. And two main reasons for this are their ethical and economic credentials.

What’s a lab grown diamond, anyway ?

There is a misconception that lab grown diamonds aren’t real diamonds. Some believe that they’re a cheap replica, like cubic zirconia. But nope!

Lab grown diamonds are still authentic diamonds. They share the exact chemical makeup as naturally derived diamonds. But they’re created using simulated lab conditions that cleverly mimic diamonds that naturally occur and are formed in nature.

Rest assured: a lab grown diamond will look exactly the same as a natural diamond sourced from a mine. Visually, physically and characteristically they’re impossible to tell apart. Even by experts! The only difference? Lab grown diamonds are created artificially, fusing science and beauty.

A natural diamond is formed by heat and pressure on carbon, over a great deal of time. A synthetic diamond’s creation mimics these conditions, but artificially. The diamond is heated in a sealed chamber at extreme temperatures. In almost no time at all, you get a stunning stone.

Why choose a lab grown diamond?

There are many reasons to choose a lab grown diamond. These include: lower prices, excellent quality and sustainability.

1. They end the horror behind blood diamonds

Traditionally mined diamonds come at a high cost. Not only the ecosystems they destroy, but to people, too. Diamond mines sometimes come with horrid working conditions for those who seek them. They also require a vast amount of energy throughout the entire mining process. And the worst part? Corrupt officials and cartels in developing countries can trade diamonds for illegal weapons. Hence the name ‘blood diamonds’.

On the other hand, lab grown diamonds boast a transparent history behind each and every stone.

2. They’re unique and diverse 

As I mentioned, cultured diamonds are identical to mined ones. But get this: They may be even brighter and clearer, since they don’t bear the flaws naturally formed diamonds can have. You can even get coloured lab grown diamonds! Perfect if you’re looking for a unique diamond that is rarer and more expensive if bought ‘naturally.’

3. They’re cost effective  

Fun fact: a lab grow diamond is around 50% cheaper than a naturally mined diamond. So, lab grown diamonds are really cost effective. Perfect if you’re on a budget, but still want your dream ring.

Again, the cheaper price tag doesn’t mean a lack of quality. It’s essentially down to the fact that you’re cutting out the middlemen. The supply chain is drastically reduced. Less time, less labour and less travel means that you can have a bigger diamond for half the price.

Ready to learn where to buy cultured diamonds? Read on to discover 10 lab grown diamond brands we love.

10 Lab Grown Diamond Brands We Love

10 Lab Grown Diamond Brands We Love

1. Lark & Berry

The appeal of lab grown diamond brands is that it can add a little daily sparkle to our lives. Fusing together traditional craftsmanship with the innovation of created stones, Lark & Berry does just that.

Understanding jewellery should be breathtakingly beautiful, but also sustainable and ethical, Lark & Berry makes not only engagement rings, but jaw-dropping tennis bracelets, charms and earrings.

One of the best lab grown diamond brands for: All kinds of finer everyday jewellery as well as engagement and wedding rings.

Price: Mid to high.

Located: Worldwide

10 Lab Grown Diamond Brands We Love

2. Ritani

Meet a lab grown diamond brand with a generational history. Founded in 1999 by a family of jewellers, each unique Ritani item is made to order in New York at the hands of skilled artisans. Of course, you can even design your own items, too!

Unlike some mainstream brands on the market, Ritani understands that beautiful jewellery doesn’t have to break the bank. Cutting out the middleman has allowed them to make their jewellery more affordable.

One of the best lab grown diamond brands for: Highly affordable diamond jewellery

Price: Low to mid

Located: USA

10 Lab Grown Diamond Brands We Love

3. Clean Origin

Clean Origin is the place to shop if you want to be specific about the jewellery you wear. You can easily filter their site by aesthetic style making it easy to choose the perfect items to suit your style. This is another of those lab grown diamond brands that can provide you with a conflict free stone for your engagement, sure. But they also make high end jewellery

Every member of Clean Origin’s customer service team also has a minimum of five years’ experience in the diamond industry. That means you can truly trust their expertise if you have any queries.

One of the best lab grown diamond brands for: Jewellery for everyday or special occasions

Price: Mid range

Located: UK, ships worldwide

10 Lab Grown Diamond Brands We Love

4. Jem Paris

When it comes to jewellery that is unique, Jem Paris is a brand that produces jewellery that will look and feel bespoke in each and every way. From the intricate designs to the ethical process, the French jewellery house is shining a light on jewellery that is both contemporary and committed.

With a focus on traditional craftsmanship and clean design, everything about this brand is transparent and sustainable every step of the way. The end result is jewellery that is labatory formed, people and nature friendly with diamonds that are fully traceable.

One of the best lab grown diamond brands for: Everything!

Price: Mid to high

Located: France, delivers worldwide

10 Lab Grown Diamond Brands We Love

5. Ethica Diamonds

Ethica Diamonds has collected a team of suppliers and manufacturers who share the same passion for sustainability. The only gemstones and diamonds they use are 100% cultivated. Ethica guarantees they will never use stones that have been mined.

But their sustainability efforts don’t stop with their stones. They also support locals craftsmen who use traditional methods to set their gems, resulting in beautiful and bespoke jewellery.

One of the best lab grown diamond brands for: Everyday jewellery to engagement rings

Price: Low to mid

Located: USA

10 Lab Grown Diamond Brands We Love

6. Kimaï

No one knows the depths of the diamond trade more than people raised within it. And that is the case with Kimaï’s founders. The two friends grew up with families in the trade. But they were frustrated with the lack of transparency within the industry. And that’s what gave rise to their made, not mined ethos.

Kimai is also tackling another issue: waste. There is still a lot of waste in the jewellery industry, but each of Kimaï’s pieces is made to order. They craft all their ranges exclusively from 18k recycled gold and lab grown diamonds.

One of the best lab grown diamond brands for: Zero-waste jewellery that includes everything from dainty earrings to engagement rings.

Price: Low to mid

Located: UK

Kimaï neckalce

7. Ingle & Rhode

For the last sixteen years, Ingle & Rhode has been providing their customers with ethical jewellery alternatives. Everything they sell is free from conflict diamonds, dirty gold and child labour.

Their story began back in 2006 when one of its founders David Rhode couldn’t find an ethical engagement ring. He was shocked by the fact that not even one jewellery could tell him where their diamonds had come from!The more he delved into the industry, the more red flags he found. So, in 2007, he and friend Tim Ingle launched Ingle & Rhode as an ethical alternative to traditional luxury jewellery brands.

One of the best lab grown diamond brands for: Full transparency; engagement rings, luxury jewellery pieces.

Price: Low to high

Located: UK, delivers worldwide

Ingle & Rhode ring

8. Brilliant Earth

With a name like Brilliant Earth, it’s no surprise that everything this brand does is in favour of the planet. The San Francisco-based jewellery brand uses a range of lab grown diamonds in their stunning jewellery. Their beautiful engagement rings come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and stones.

But they also make gorgeous everyday pieces, such as pendants, earrings, and bracelets.

One of the best lab grown diamond brands for: Everything! From everyday jewellery to engagement and wedding rings

Price: Mid to high

Located: USA

Brilliant Earth neckalce

9. Vrai 

VRAI makes jewellery with lab grown diamonds that celebrities just love! Using advanced technology, VRAI diamonds are created within a zero-emissions factory that uses 100% hydropower from the Columbia River.

Quality is paramount to the brand. And get this: they have Leonardo DiCaprio is on board as a major investor in the brand!

One of the best lab grown diamond brands for: Celebrity style; rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces

Price: High

Located: Worldwide

Vrai  jewelry

10. Akind

Akind is the ultimate girl power brand! It encourages women to buy their own lab grown diamonds instead of waiting for some guy to give them to her. Yep, that’s right: celebrate you own milestones, your way. Whether it’s a special occasion, a work promotion or a personal achievement – treat yourself!

The Swedish-based, woman-owned company sets its stones in 100% recycled gold. And their lab grown diamonds are backed by the 5C’s: colour, clarity, cut, carat and consciousness.

One of the best lab grown diamond brands for: Affordable, beautiful, delicate diamond jewellery

Price: Low to mid

Located: Sweden, ships worldwide


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5 thoughts on “10 Lab Grown Diamond Brands We Love”

  1. Brilliant Earth puts on a good front. Just don’t ask anyone who works there about how toxic the work environment is. They rely on NDAs to shut down customer complaints all the time.

  2. The author conveniently forgets to mention that these lab grown diamonds require a wast amount of energy to produce and not to mention these so called diamonds have zero investment value; unlimited supplies makes the worthless in a few years guaranteed!!

    1. Thanks for your comments, Fred. Actually, it was mentioned that some brands are offsetting their emissions, or even using some solar energy to create their diamonds. The truth is that diamonds are ALREADY one of the most common stones found around the world. Their value is due to larger brands like De Beers stockpiling them to limit supply.

  3. This article is so unfair. A country like mine, Botswana, depends on how we use our natural diamond revenues responsibly. Stories such as this unfairly turn people against natural diamonds, suggesting that all natural diamonds are unethical. This just isn’t true. And lab grown diamond take a lot of energy to make – and most of them are made using fossil fuel energy in China. It’s simply not possible to say whether a diamond is ethical or not due to whether it is natural or lab grown. Just like everything you buy, you need to do a bit more research on the particular product you are buying to know it’s ethical.

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