Our Top 11 Gifts for Vegans For Any Occasion

By Lora O’Brien

Vegans can be notoriously tricky to give gifts too. Chocolates? Oops – they’ve got milk in them. Gloves? They’d better not be leather! Even wool is sometimes shunned by these true animal lovers. But it’s tricky on the other side, too – what if you’re a vegan, and are getting super tired of having to return stuff that’s clearly not animal friendly?

To help you navigate the shops and choose the perfect present for the vegan in your life – OR to drum up a gift list you can pass on to friends and family if you’re vegan yourself –   we’ve selected our top 10 gifts for vegans that are sure to be a hit with anyone.

1. A Vegan Handbag

Handbags can be tricky for vegans–either they’re leather, which is off limits, or ‘vegan leather’, which is often environmentally harmful plastic. This gorgeous bag, though, is eco-and-vegan friendly, and is made by top luxury vegan bag brand Matt and Nat.



2. Vegan Kicks

It used to be super hard to find trendy vegan footwear, but over the past few years, some brands have released some on point styles – one of which is NAE. These Vegan Alba Ankle Boots are made from ecological microfiber and will protect tootsies from the cold winter months. But they’ll also look great in summer teamed with a cute dress! In short, they’re the perfect gift.

3. Non-Toxic Luxury Scented Candles

Who doesn’t love a candle? They smell wonderful, they make a home warm and cosy, and they make a great gift. But if you’re buying one, just make sure it’s made from natural vegetable wax and pure oils – with no beeswax or lead in the wick! (yep, that’s a common thing). Few candles are as natural AND luxurious as this ‘Relax’ candle by Aromatherapy Associates, infused with West Indian Bay and Myrrh essential oils to create a subtle calming aroma suitable for any room in your home.


4. Vegan Beauty Kit

Know a vegan that loves their makeup? Why not treat them to a natural brand, such as  The Ultimate Smoky Eye Set by natural brand Alima Pure. Give them the tools to perfect a killer smoky eye, and  where one can make themselves look glamorous in seconds.

5. A Statement Tee

Vegans love a statement tee. Why? Because they’re passionate about the lifestyle they represent, and why not spread that message via their clothing? Plant Faced is a clothing site that uses 100% organic cotton with hand printed motifs made with waterbased inks to create stylish casual wear. This Ethical Is The New Black tee will be a much loved gift, with a great message.

6. Dandy Candy

Got a friend with a sweet tooth? Given all the butter and cream that goes into most sweets, especially fudge, it can be difficult to find something yummy and vegan, but this beautifully packaged box of  The Hardys Vegan Variety  of sweets  is the exception, and is the perfect gift for any vegan, young or old, male or female, in your life.

7. A Practical Present

Looking for more of a practical gift? You can’t go wrong with a kitchen gadget. Most vegan folks have lots of fun in the kitchen coming up with new and exciting recipes, and a spiralizer is the perfect accomplice. From sweet potato and courgette noodles to fancy vegetable ribbons,  a spiralizer is the perfect gift for any vegan foodie.

8. Spa Indulgences

Mauli Rituals sources “the most opulent and efficacious natural ingredients for inner balance and outer radiance.” Comprising four of the brand’s bestselling oils, masks and serums, plus Himalayan Healing Salts and a luxurious muslin cloth, this ‘Revive the Senses’ gift set is perfect for re-creating a vegan spa experience at home.

It contains Grow Strong Hair Oil helps maintain a healthy scalp and roots for longer, more lustrous hair – Radiance Exfoliant & Mask revitalizes skin for a smoother, brighter complexion; Supreme Skin Face Serum is a blend of 16 botanicals that work to repair and reactivate collagen; Sacred Union Scent & Dry Oil is a designed to hydrate and nourish the skin, and Himalayan Healing Salts, blended with 13 therapeutic oils laced with rose quartz crystals to stimulate clarity and calm.

9. Something to Read

Any vegan will know what it’s like to have to check every single beauty product to scour it for hidden animal derived ingredients. It can grow a nuisance, and whilst vegan beauty is a rapidly expanding market, it’s just as easy to make your own beauty at home with books like this Clean Beauty book which really strips skincare back to basics.  From face masks to shaving creams, there’s page after page of beauty recipes to keep skin safe and healthy.

10. Yoga Bunny Treat

Many vegans are also yoga fans with an eco-conscience, so this Yoga Hybrid Eco Mat is not only the perfect gift, but may even motivate your loved one to get into the gym more after the holiday season. Made from a completely biodegradable poly resin, these comfy mats are kind to the Earth, as well as to limbs and joints and lungs.

*most other yoga mats are created from a form of PVC – one of the most deadly chemicals known to man, and which can actually affect the lungs of yogis using mats made from this toxic material.

11. An Elephant, Kind Of

Of course, vegans love all animals, and elephants are always a popular favourite, so adopting one of these gorgeous creatures would be a great gift!  All proceeds from these elephant adoption packs help protect the elephant family living in Amboseli National Park in Kenya (monitored by the Amboseli Trust for Elephants).

Adoption starts from just £2.50 per month. Everyone that takes out an adoption with Born Free receives a unique pack including:

  • A cuddly toy Elephant
  • A glossy photo of your adopted Elephant
  • A personalised adoption certificate
  • A copy of your Elephant’s story
  • Born Free window sticker
  • Born Free folder
  • Two copies of Born Free’s Adopt! Magazine throughout the year with updated on the Elephant family’s progress.

Sweet!gifts for vegans

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