7 Sustainable Accessory Essentials for Spring

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By Diane Small

Spring’s warmer days and budding trees evoke thoughts and images of rebirth and renewal. That’s true not only for flora and fauna, but for ourselves, as well.

By that, I mean perhaps even more so than New Year’s Eve, springtime is the season to think about how our choices impact the planet and all life on it.

For example, the growing numbers of eco-conscious companies in the stores today means there’s really no excuse for not making eco-friendlier wardrobe choices, and since we tend to buy more accessories than clothing in general, that means thinking about the origins of your bags, shoes, jewellery and other fashion items is more essential than ever.

Making sustainable decisions not only makes a difference in terms of picking natural materials that are kinder to the Earth, but it also sends companies the firm message that we DO prefer products that are respectful of the planet we’re all living on.

So, this season, when you’re choosing your sustainable accessory essentials for spring, we hope you’ll consider not only their style, but their ethics and eco-friendliness. Here are some stylish, vegan friendly accessories we found for spring. They clearly illustrate the point that you don’t have to compromise on style to be sustainable, ever!

Sustainable Accessory Essentials for Spring

1. The Right Sunglasses

Woohoo, the sun is finally out! And that means you can rock a pair of sunglasses this season. No longer are the oversized Jackie-O shades the glam look for spring; cat eyes are the shape for this year, and no one does them better than Stella McCartney! Her sunnies are made from biodegradable vegetable acetate, and feature her signature Falabella chain on the trim.

Shop the look here.

2. A Good Scarf

When it’s just a little bit chilly, you want something to keep your throat a bit warm, or maybe to wrap around your shoulders. And the tie dye models by Eileen Fisher are bang-on-trend for spring. Made from organic cotton, they’re fine enough to wear around your neck, but also large enough to serve as a makeshift shawl.

Get the look here.


3. A ‘Wear With Everything’ Bag

Which is more convenient for you on warm spring days: wearing a backpack, or carrying a tote? With Svala’s sustainable vegan bags, you don’t need to decide! The brand has designed a cork or vegan leather style called ‘the Gemma’ that is really two bags in one – just change the strap, and voila! The core bag is transformed into the style you need.

Get your bag here.

4. The Perfect Shoes

It’s official: trainers (or sneakers…whatever you want to call them!) are the biggest trend for this spring, and the higher the sole, the better! We love this totally eco-friendly pair by Reebok. Their latest sneakers are made from an incredible, new vegan material made from cotton and corn fibres. These are the world’s first 75% USDA certified bio-based shoe, so you can feel really good about what you’re wearing, and we love that these are also unisex.

Get a pair here.

5. Ethical Earrings

Earrings, you ask? Why earrings? Well, because larger-sized earrings (especially hoops) are a big hit on runways this year, but also because when you’re wearing a top that exposes the shoulder and décollecte, there’s really no better accessory! We love this round, sun-evoking pair by ethical jewellery designer Pippa Small, who worked with women artisans in Afghanistan to create them.

Shop the look here.

6. A Chic Headband

Another big trend on the runways? Headbands! They were even seen with couture gowns at Elie Saab, and are set to be huge this season. What I love most about headbands is that they not only cure bad hair days, but keep strands off your face when the weather heats up. Ethical brand Flora & Fauna does a great range of organic cotton and Tencel headbands to suit all outfits.

Get it here.

7. A Solid Umbrella

Looking for an umbrella that won’t turn inside out in the wind, or suffer from broken metal hinges within a week? Invest in a good, eco friendly one made from sustainable cork! It will last for decades, and keep you dry – and chic – in spring showers. Of all the sustainable accessory essentials, this is probably the most necessary!

Invest in one here.

sustainable accessory essentials

Main image: Stella McCartney

Diane Small
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