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Label Love: Meet Doshi Vegan Handbags

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi There are lots of vegan handbag brands around these days – and that’s great! But it seems a lot of the designs are focused on replicating the latest trend by Celine or Chloe rather than…

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10 Paper Fashion Designers Who Will Blow Your Mind

By Arwa Lodhi Japanese designers have always understood the value of paper; they’ve used it for everything from lanterns to walls. But now more creators around the world are discovering how this versatile and eco-friendly material can be transformed…

Accessories Fashion

Label Love: JW PEI Vegan Bags

By Lora O’Brien Once something you had to actively search for, vegan fashion is becoming more mainstream. And with a higher than ever before demand for products that are in no way derived from animals, we’re always aware of…

Clothes Fashion

Great News For Animals! Gucci Goes Fur Free

By Diane Small When I think of Gucci, I think of a few things: oversized sunglasses, bamboo bag handles, red and green stripes, interlocking Gs…and fur. But luckily, that’s about to change. Just recently, the global fashion house announced…

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The MOMA Asks: Is Fashion Modern?

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Bucket bags are on trend this autumn. Heels are blocked, and red boots are particularly chic. Did I mention sleeves? The more voluminous, the better. These styles are super chic and look very ‘now’ –…