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12 Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Show mom – and Mother Nature – you care with these sustainable Mother’s Day gift ideas!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

I think I speak for many when I say how important Mother’s Day is for me. I couldn’t have navigated life this far without the love and support of my own mum. But often when it comes to thinking of sustainable Mother’s Day gift ideas, I’m often stuck. You’ll see me frantically rushing around the shops, trying to find the perfect gift. After all, our mums have given us the greatest gift of all (life, obviously) – so how on earth can we gift anything as great?

Whilst we all have wonderful biological moms we want to honour, there’s another ‘mama’ we should be thinking about at this time, who has also given us life: Mother Nature! So why not consider a sustainable Mother’s Day gift this year, to say a huge thank you to your mum – and Gaia?

I’ve thought about it long and hard and come up with some really wonderful sustainable Mother’s Day gift ideas that I truly hope will inspire you and delight your beautiful mum this year.

12 Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. A Luxury Organic Candle

Who doesn’t love to burn a candle? Not only do they smell heavenly, but they’re a simple way of bringing instant relaxation to your home or bathtub. But, unless you want mom to inhale chemicals this year,  you’ll want to ensure the candle you buy is 100% naturally scented, made from a vegetable wax with a lead-free wick, and is as kind to the planet as it is our health.

Lumira Candles use only natural vegetable (soy) wax, which has a cleaner burn and less smoke compared with many other waxes. The incredible fragrance that each candle emits comes from pure, ethically sourced essential oils. Choose from Tuscan Fig, Sicilian Orange, Arabian Oud scents, and many more.

What it says: Mom, you’re always looking after everyone else, go run a bath, grab some bubbly and have some well deserved ‘me’ time!

Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

2. Super Hydrating Hand Cream

Whether your mom’s hands suffer from tirelessly washing the dishes or the colder weather has taken its toll on them, she no doubt needs to lend her hands some TLC. Treat her to an indulgent hand cream that will have her hands feeling the love they deserve, all while leaving them looking and feeling refreshed.

Le Labo ‘s Hinoki Hand Lotion has turned hand cream into an everyday indulgence. Enriched with vitamins and natural oils that have been designed to protect hands from both ageing and environmental damage – two things they take their toll and make hands look both weathered and in need of some love – this lightweight cream will do just the trick. It’s a practical gift that can be placed by the sink so she remembers to moisturise after washing her hands, for a moment of luxury.

What it says: Mom, thanks for always doing the washing up! Now, take a bit of care of yourself.

Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

3. Sustainable Picnic Set

With summer just around the corner, many of us are already dusting off the grill and daydreaming of scrummy picnics. What better way to prep ahead and be summer ready than with an eco-friendly picnic set that will last for years to come? Perfect for making lots of memories with loved ones.

Emilie O’Connor Homestore has created this gorgeous range of bamboo picnic utensils and cutlery crafted from both sustainable and biodegradable materials. The sets are ideal for summer and are great for minimalistic storage as the plates and cup fit within the salad bowl. Made from eco-friendly bamboo fibre & cornstarch, dishwasher safe & BPA Free, these are family-friendly, strong and durable alternatives to single-use/throw-away plastics. All items are lightweight and easy to transport, perfect for outdoor use, whether it be a BBQ, a picnic or even camping. 

What it says: Adventure is out there, let’s pack a picnic and go find it!

4. Some Organic Flowers 

Whilst regular flowers actually have a HUGE CO2 and pesticide footprint, organic flowers are grown without the help of pesticides or chemicals that harm the planet as much as people’s health. They are grown with consideration for nature, wildlife and farm workers and look absolutely splendiferous in your home, of course.  

Bouqs provides a wide choice of locally grown, organic Mother’s Day bouquets that are delivered anywhere in the USA. They will surely be cherished by your Mama – and it’s also a gift to your mum from Mother Nature herself.

What it says: Mom, you’re naturally beautiful, just like these blossoms.

Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift

5. A Gemstone Roller

Gemstone rollers have become increasingly popular, and no wonder: regular use can not only help boost circulation, also release muscle tension, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, decrease inflammation and help deeper absorption of beauty products into the skin. So, if you have a mom that loves her skincare and a bit of pampering, then this is the perfect gift for her to kick her regime up a notch.

Native Nectar Botanics has created Gemstone Rollers that are next level. They come with a Gua Sha that will aid you in your beauty regime and leave skin feeling revived. A little larger than the typical roller, these are set with copper fittings so that they won’t slip easily from your hand and shatter on the floor – always a bonus! Choose from rose quartz for love and harmony, jade for balance to body, mind and spirit, or rose opal for a boost of confidence.

What it says: I know you love a bit of self-pampering – please take a bit of good care of yourself with this every day.

6. A Vegan Tote

One of my earliest memories of my mum is her carrying around her purse. Sometimes, she would pull out tissues, lick them and wipe my face (ugh!!) but more often, she’d pull out a treat for me. Since those times, she has, of course, changed bags many times, but less frequently as of late. I think it’s time to give her an upgrade! What woman doesn’t need a great new handbag, after all?

Jill Milan boasts an articulate collection of vegan handbags and clutches that are chic, practical and choose materials and construction methods that are meant to hold up to frequent use. I particularly love their tote bag, below. Made in Florence, Italy by a third-generation, family-owned atelier that also makes luxury bags for YSL, Victoria Beckham, and others, this bag is roomy, practical and comfortable.

I also love Jill Milan’s ethics: their atelier holds first quality ISO 9001 and social accountability SA 8000  certifications and pays fair wages, provides health insurance, paid time off, and more benefits for all employees.

What it says: I recognise that you’re a busy working woman. Thanks for the inspo!

7. Recycled Yarn for Knitting

I know, I know.. it’s a cliche to suggest that all moms can knit, but quite a few just can, right?! Wool can be pretty costly, and it’s not always eco-friendly, so why not treat your craft-minded mom to some super chic yarn that is not only great for the planet, but will allow her to make something glam to wear all year round?

We Are Knitters have launched a new yarn that is made from 100% recycled cotton of denim waste, giving old or broken jeans a brand new lease of life! The yarn contains 95% cotton and 5% natural fibres and is sustainable, vegan and as durable as denim. So, if your mom loves to knit, then why not choose from the 6 colours available and give her a project this Mother’s Day. It’s a great idea if you find it hard buying clothing for your mom – she can make her own. Cool, huh?

What it says: I love your talent and your style, and can’t wait to see what you make with these materials!

Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift

8. Something That Makes Her Feel Pretty Every Day

Sometimes, it’s the small things that make us feel the best. That little spray of your favourite perfume before you go out, or that delicious little cookie you get beside your coffee at your favourite cafe. This is something Madame Lemy knows well.

The brand harkens back to a more beautiful time. An era when cosmetics weren’t full of toxins; when ladies had dressing tables. Madame Lemy is an all-natural, vegan  beauty brand that specialises in something we all use every day: deodorant. But rather than producing sterile roll ons or sprays, they provide chemical-and-aluminum-free powder deodorants that you apply with a gorgeously soft puff. Their high-end luxury packaging, inspired by the style of the 1920s, will make your mom feel special every time she uses this!

What it says: Mom, I want you to feel beautiful every day

Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

9. The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Why settle for one day a year when you treat your mom every month? A subscription box allows you to show your mamma some love all year round. They are such a great gift, and can easily be tailored to suit your mom’s tastes; simply choose the perfect box to suit them, whether it’s a beauty box, a food box or even a wine box. Of all the sustainable Mother’s Day gift ideas, this one may be the best – it’s flexible, and annual!

A GlobeIn Subscription Box is the perfect box if your mom loves travel. GlobeIn works closely with artisans from around the world, bringing exciting products that will make the recipient feel both travelled and connected with distant cultures each and every month. Each Artisan Box is filled with gifts that are at least $70 in value, and includes 4-5 handmade items by artists from around the world.

What it says: I know you love to travel and learn about cultures. Plus, who doesn’t love surprises?

Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

10. FairTrade Chocolates That Help Wildlife

On a budget? No worries! We have great sustainable Mother’s Day gift ideas for you, too!

If you have a chocoholic mum, she will be absolutely over the moon with a cocoa-based present! Plus chocolate is always a great idea – especially if you’re on a bit of a budget. There is a great selection of Fair Trade Chocolate brands that provide humane work conditions to employees and prevent environmental destruction. But if you and your family love animals,  pick a label that has creatures at risk of extinction at heart.

Endangered Species creates scrumptious chocolate with education and advocacy in mind. Each bar helps a different category of animals, and you can find all the information you need about what they do to help inside the wrappers. You can pick amongst 26 flavours, and each one that is devoted to empowering your taste buds, wildlife, and farmers.

What it says: Mom, you’ve got a big heart that loves animals, and I respect that. Plus, I know you love choccies, so….


Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift

11. Star-Power Beauty Products

If you want to give your mum a bit of star treatment every day, a celebrity skincare line is the way to go!

Kora Organics is the organic skincare label launched by the stunning former Victoria’s Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr. Her holistic approach to beauty is the driving force behind the formulations of this brand, that is designed to nourish the skin, spirit and mind with the power of botanical ingredients.

What it says: Mom, your beauty is worth preserving, naturally!

12. Handmade Jewellery

Jewellery is a timeless symbol of love that can be worn with fond memories. And when it’s ethically handcrafted, it makes the piece even more unique and special.

Each bracelet, necklace, ring or pair of earrings by Melissa Joy Manning is handmade in a Green Certified California studio by an in-house team of artists using traditional metalsmithing techniques. Her designs contain a sense of spirit and energy that simply cannot be replicated in mass market production.

What it says: You’re as unique as this piece of jewellery! Hope you remember me every time you wear this.

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