The 10 Best Organic Hair Styling Products

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Want to have a good hair day, every day? Try these organic hair styling products!

By Diane Small

Anyone who’s entered a busy hair salon knows how hairspray can cause a cough – and no wonder! Common chemicals found in hairspray are aerosol propellants, alcohol, carcinogenic polyvinylpyrrolidone plastic, formaldehyde, and artificial fragrance, which can cause low blood pressure, breathing difficulty, irritation of the skin, eyes and lungs, and even a coma. Over extended use, these chemicals also increase the risk of developing the lung disease thesaurosis, as well as cancer.

Hair gel isn’t much better. While it’s not as volatile due to the fact that it’s not sprayed, it normally contains parabens, propylene, formaldehyde, phthalates and other nasty chemicals that are absorbed by your hands and scalp, which can hurt your health over the long run, and damage your hair too. So thank goodness there are several new chemical free hair styling products to choose from, no matter what your hair care needs may be.

We’ve covered natural shampoos before, and while that is clearly a popular and growing market, it seems the development of natural styling products was slightly slower.

Here, we’ve found what we think are some of the best organic hair styling products on the market, chosen for the efficiency, naturalness and delicious scents.  

The 10 Best Organic Hair Styling Products

1. Rahua Hair Wax

Got thick, unruly hair? Rahua’s natural hair wax will keep it strictly in place! This all  natural, great smelling wax bonds with hair gently and helps you  create a unique look, be it adding height and definition to shorter hair, or more control and manageability for longer or curly hair.

It’s based on carnauba wax, which washes out super easily, though it provides plenty of staying power.

Price: $32

organic hair styling products

2. Feed Your Hold Hair Spray

As mentioned above, hair spray is usually pretty nasty! It’s normally basically plastic particles in alcohol that you coat your hair with – and breathe in, too!  And don’t even get us started on the damage that those aerosol cans do the ozone layer…!

But finally, we found a hair spray that’s free from alcohol, parabens, sulfates and of course, cruelty. The hold isn’t as fine as chemical hair sprays, but it is solid, and will keep your mane in place all day.

Price: Around $30

organic hair styling products

3. Leonor Greyl Mousse Lotus Volumizing Styling Mousse

Got limp, thin hair? This is the perfect product for you. Made with extracts of jojoba, chamomile and mistletoe, this styling mousse gives volume, shine and hold to even the finest and frizziest of manes. It’s SLS free, alcohol-free, silicone free, paraben free, coal tar free, color safe and cruelty free, too.

Spritz of this all-natural miracle product onto damp hair, blow dry, and feel like you’ve doubled your hair count! Leaves hair feeling soft, too.

Price: $46


4. Original & Mineral Styling Cream

This product by Original & Mineral is full of organic and natural ingredients that help keep hair healthy, whilst providing extra-strength hair texturizing. It’s great for shaping shorter hair into any desired style, from a tousled, ‘just-got-out-of-bed’ look to something that’s smooth and sophisticated.

It helps long, curly hair retain its shape, too. It also adds incredible shine and is safe for color-treated hair. Nourishing Vitamins A, C and E give your tresses a shiny, soft-to-the-touch feel.

Price: $28

organic hair styling products


5. Playa Beauty Endless Summer Spray

You know how your hair looks awesome in summer when you’re by the sea? Replicate that tousled look with this spray by Playa Beauty! Just spritz a bit of this all natural spray onto your tresses for loads of gorgeous texture and volume.

Made with sea salt harvested from Southern California and the brand’s signature collagen-boosting complex, this nourishing formula restores shine and shields against harmful rays, thanks to natural UV filters. The result is an effortlessly undone style that looks lustrous and California-girl healthy.

Price: $28

organic hair styling products


6. Intelligent Nutrients Spray On Detangler

If you have really thick hair, this is one of the best organic hair styling products for you! It’s a  detangler with light conditioning benefits, made to soften unruly hair and prevent damage, leaving hair shiny and manageable.

This certified organic styling product is great for all hair types but ideal for hair that likes to tangle and snarl, this can be used on the whole family including baby fine hair. Intelligent Nutrients also includes a huge range of other styling products, including a hair spray that really holds!

Price: $39

organic hair styling products

7. Giovanni Natural Styling Foam

Ok, I realise some may think mousse is an 80s throwback, but the reality is, it’s the perfect product if you’re looking for something between a gel and a hair spray. This one by Giovanni offers texture, body and volume, all thanks to its natural ingredients, like rosemary, mallow and horsetail. It has a lovely citrus scent, too!

Price: Around $10


organic hair styling products



8. Antonin B Ceramides Hair Serum

We all know that silicone isn’t great for the hair – it can ultimately be very drying. But what to do when your split ends are evident, and your hair frizzes up with the slightest bit of humidity? French brand Antonin B provides a great solution, without using silicone.

Their Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum fortifies the very core of the hair fibre and smoothes down split ends, whilst also giving your hair strength, shine and definition. It’s especially good for dry or color treated hair.

Price: $45


9. Natulique Curl Defining Hair Cream

Get some professional styling with professional organic hair products by Natulique. Since Natulique offers a wide range of products from hair wax to hairspray; smoothing oils to hair creams and more, it’s really hard to choose one product to feature here! It’s definitely one of the most comprehensive ranges around, but one of their real winners has to be their Curl Defining Hair Cream.

This all natural (and mainly organic) Cream is enriched with Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) for creating firm and workable curls, while added carbamid repairs the hair from inside the shaft, and retains moisture.

Price: Around $30

organic hair styling products


Diane Small
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7 thoughts on “The 10 Best Organic Hair Styling Products”

  1. A great day to you
    I dnt have abundance of hair
    my hair is very wavy n i ve done
    pixie hairt cut
    i would like to give it a wet look daily
    But at the same time my main concern it should not harm my scalp as my hair growth is very very slow ..
    Plse advise the right type of styling gel i shld use to give my hair wet n great look
    thank you

  2. I usually use Kahina Argan Oil to massage my hair before sleeping. I dyed my hair and from then, I suffer from dry hair. I afraid of chemical treatment can dâmge my hair again so I came to organic products and this argan oil is the best. My hair is smooth now, but it is still a bit dry. Do you have any recommendation to improve it?

  3. GKhair Serum makes the best in my opinion. It nourishes dry hair and instantly fights hair frizz and flyaways if there is any. It creates a protective shield over each hair strand leaving a soft smooth finish. The best cure to a soft smooth finish I can SAY that. Love this hair serum so much. 🙂 <3

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