10 Of The Best Long Hairstyle Trends For 2021

Looking for the best long hairstyle trends this year? Read on!

By Diane Small

For many ladies, long, luscious locks are the gold standard of a good women’s hairstyle. But having stunning longer hair means more than just growing it out – knowing the best styles for longer hair is key to making the most of your look. Fortunately, there are a variety of cute cuts and styles to try out which are perfect for long haired women.

Struggling to grow your hair? Don’t worry – I myself am sporting taped-in hair extensions, as are many celebs. They’re cheap and easy to put in, and you can save money by buying your own hair and taking it to a hairdresser instead of buying your extensions from the salon. Just saying!

Whether you need help with taking care of your precious tresses to stylish tricks, our comprehensive guide on the best long hairstyle trends this year will allow you to make the most of hair with length

Image below: Instagram @Gigihadid

10 Of The Best Long Hairstyle Trends For 2021

1. Extensions

Short hair? No problem!  You can achieve mega-lengths with a simple model trick: extensions!

To get this look, I’d recommend tape in extensions. They’re easy to apply, and don’t need any fancy equipment whatsoever. Lean to do them yourself, or go to a salon to get them applied. Once they’re in, simply run a flat iron through your locks (remember to use a heat protectant to keep hair feeling healthy), and finish with a serum to boost shine and softness. 

This is also a great trend to try if you’re considering adding colour or highlights to your hair – but aren’t yet quite sure.

Image: Kaia Gerber on Instagram

tape in hair extensions

2. Low Maintenance Anything

Fancy braids? Loads of finger-curls? Meh. So last year! In 2021, the main trend is all about low maintenance. Keep your hair wavy, straight or kinky – whatever your natural texture is. And if you’re going for a different colour, sure, there are a few harcore trends like full on platinum, cotton candy pink and chunky colour blocks.

But mainly, know this: hair dye trends for this year are kind of natural. Think: golden highlights or subtle balayage.

Image: Instagram @danielachristiansson

Long Hairstyle Trends For 2021

3. Shaggy Cuts

The 70s are back! Yep, it seems we’re all getting a bit nostalgic this year. No surprises, given the sh*tsh*w that was 2020!

Shaggy cuts harken back to the Dazed and Confused era, and offer choppy layers that can work on many different hair types and lengths. Ask your stylist for a super layered look or overly textured cut. It will add volume to thin hair, and thin out really thick hair. Win/win!

You don’t even need much in the way of hair care products for this look, either. And as we mentioned, au natural is pretty much the very definition of long hairstyle trends for this year.

Image: @salsalhair on Instagram

Long Hairstyle Trends For 2021

4. Claw Clips

In keeping with the ultra-easy, low maintenance vibe for this year, another of the best long hairstyle trends you’ll be seeing is a surprising one. Claw clips! 

Yep, those things you throw on your hair when you’re doing laundry are actually now très chic. And thank heavens for that! they’re cheap, they’re easy to use, and they’re now acceptable to wear anywhere. Even to work! And plus you can style one in a way that’s perfect for you, no matter what your hair texture or face shape.

Image: @claudiagraziano on Instagram

claw clip trend

5. Long Curtain Bangs

Remember last year when baby bangs were a thing? Well, now it’s time to grow ’em out!

Many women believe bangs aren’t suitable for longer hair, but this simply isn’t the case. Bangs give a cool, modern look to longer hairstyles, and are a great way to refresh your look without too much effort.

The only thing you’ll need to remember is get a good dry shampoo – bangs tend to look oily far faster than the rest of your hair, so keeping them looking fresh is essential.

You can choose between a typical curtain fringe like that below, or go even longer and get yourself some full on ‘drape’ bangs. Think: the styles rocked by Gwyneth Paltrow, Hilary Duff, or Camila Cabello.

Image: @stylespock on Instagram

Long Hairstyle Trends For 2021

6. Beachy Long Hair

A beachy look adds a cool, effortless vibe to longer styles. Wash hair with a clarifying shampoo and a lightweight conditioner to keep things fresh and voluminous.

Allow hair to air dry, and once it’s about two-thirds done, liberally spritz through with a salt spray. Take sections of your hair and twist in different directions, and scrunch for added texture. The look is supposed to be messy, so don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect!

Best Long Hairstyle Trends

7. A Half Shaved Head

This one isn’t for the faint of heart! A half shaved head is pretty trendy, and it looks kinda cool. But…imagine the grow-out process!

If you’re willing to deal with that, go for it. Otherwise, you could always use a super-hold gel to imitate the look until you’re ready to commit.

Image: @ᴛᴡʏʟᴀcʜʀɪsᴛɪɴᴀ on Instagram

Long Hairstyle Trends For 2021

8. Farrah Flips

This is one of the more complex long hairstyle trends for 2021. You’ll need to get layers cut into your hair first, and then you’ll need a curling iron to achieve that Farrah flip!

This style really looks best on those of us who are blessed with thicker hair. But if you have thin hair, it can help to start with a good hair loss and anti-thinning shampoo. Make sure you spray this ‘do to death so your flip stays fab!

Image: @florencegiven on Instagram

Long Hairstyle Trends For 2021

9. Rad Curls

Blessed with a curly mane? Show it off! Curls are finally getting the appreciation they deserve as more and more people rock their natural textures. This trend isn’t reserved for a single length or style; instead, it’s all about giving your natural waves, curls, or coils their best shape and definition. Just make sure you use a great organic product to do so!

And if your hair is poker straight? You could always consider a perm…

Image: otto.de

thick curly hair trend

10. Awesome Headbands

Thick, think. Embellished, plain. Cloth, metal. It doesn’t really matter. Headbands are back, in a big way!

This is one of the best long hairstyle trends for keeping your hair neat and tidy. It works just as well for casual situations, such as hanging out at home, or more formal ones, like weddings or job interviews.

Image: Chanel

embellished headband trend

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