10 Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair

These wedding hairstyle ideas for long hair are ideal for both guests and the bride

By Diane Small

Spring is the perfect time for an ethical wedding – and whether you’re a guest or the bride herself, after figuring out what to wear, you’ll also be wondering what kind of wedding hairstyle you’d like to have.

To discover what’s on trend for this year, I asked Travis Ivan, the bridal specialist at Sunset Plaza Salon. 

“Brides always want to look amazing on their wedding day, but more importantly, they want to look and feel like themselves. That comes down to the bride’s individual style preferences. That could be a beautifully soft organic blow out, or an undone upstyle, such as loose braids. Others prefer to wear what is more or less their usual style, but to embellish it with some hair jewelry or flowers.

As for what’s trending, I believe hair has always been fashion’s biggest accessory, so I predict we will see fewer wedding veils, and more hair jewelry being added as an accent this year,” he says.

My interpretation of this expert’s view is that the more relaxed and Bohemian the hairstyle, the better. I’m talking messy chic, and it can be achieved with any of the classic bridal hairstyles, including the chignon, side-swept fishtail, Grecian halo and more. There’s so much you can do with your long mane without cutting a strand! And of course, some hair jewelry can be added to just about any hairdo.

Want to see some gorgeous examples? Below, I’ve selected 10 of the best long hair wedding hairstyle ideas for any face shape and wedding type. Look through, get inspired and make your pick!

10 Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair

1. Bohemian Glam 

This is one of the most romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair, and it’s perfect for guests as well as brides. To get the look, make tiny ponytails from the sides and top of the head, twist them around and join them together in a loose braid at the nape of the neck. Wrap the ends around your remaining hair at the base of your neck and clip with a pin. This is a great style for country weddings!

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair

2. The Grecian Halo

The great thing about this wedding hairstyle idea is that it can be used for medium length and even short hair – you’ll just need to buy a fake braid to clip on as your ‘halo’. To get the look for long hair, gather your hair into a braid from the back. Brush up the hair around your forehead and place the braid on top. Hold it in with hairpins and accessorise with flowers for added sweetness. Personally, I feel this look without the side curls is more minimalistic, simple and sophisticated.

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair

3. The Side Swept Fishtail

Are you a huge lover of romance? Then this style is for you! It’s feminine, it’s elegant, and of course, it’s absolute made for adding flowers to! It’s a great look for outdoor and more formal weddings, and it accentuates the cheekbones, giving the face a bit of a lift. Not sure how to do a side swept fishtail? Click here for a tutorial!

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair

4. The Hollywood Ponytail

If you prefer a sleek, fashion-runway look for big events, go for this sophisticated ponytail. It’s tied low with your own hair (or you can use a faux hair-covered elastic), and is totally Vogue worthy!  To get the most from this look, use a natural hair styling product to keep strands in place. Set off the look with a great pair of earrings or a stunning necklace. 

5. Wispy Side Braids

These long tresses are braided loosely to the side of the head, starting from the crown. Some delicate strands are pulled out, to frame the face and neck. This hairstyle is perfect for those with round or heart shaped faces, as the strands draw the eye downward, elongating the fact. This look is the perfect fit for an ethically done garden wedding.

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair

6. Bejewelled Low Bun

This is one of the most beautiful wedding hairstyle ideas for long hair! Its sophistication is in its simplicity. Full, long hair will be rolled into a low bun and held in place with pins, and then the hair jewel of your choice is added to the uppermost part of the bun. This is the perfect hairstyle for traditional brides wearing a veil, and is therefore idea for a formal or religious wedding.

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair

7. Loose Waves

This is a casual, everyday look that’s made more formal by the presence of a tiara or crown of flowers. It’s easy to achieve with some simple texturizing product: just spray it on wet hair, and scrunch your hair in your hands as you blow dry. This is the perfect wedding hairstyle for nuptials on the beach, or outdoors. After all, a windy or humid day will only made this hairdo look even better!

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8. A Sophisticated French Twist

The French Twist remains one of the most sophisticated hairstyles a woman can sport. It’s a neat, slightly retro look that really lifts the face, making it perfect for longer shaped faces. It’s also very flexible, and can be adorned with flowers and jewelry to make the look more formal, or you can tie it up with a scarf for a more casual look. Those with short hair can even fake this one with a clip on bun! 

To learn how to do the perfect chignon, check out this tutorial.

9. Side-Swept Low Bun

Not a fan of the traditional bun, which usually sits on the nape or slightly higher up? Move it to the side of your head to really make a statement. It’s a chic and stylish look for the simple bride! You can’t easily attach a veil to this, but you can beautifully accessorize the bun with barrettes, hair combs, or even flowers! It’s a super easy look to achieve, and you can learn how to do it here.

10. Smooth Waves

If you want to let your locks down, flowing free, try wearing it in sleek waves. Your hairstylist will work their expertise with a curling iron after texturizing your hair with a gentle, wave-building hair product. This look is extra lovely when topped of with a tiara, and really shows off your neck and face if you’re wearing an off the shoulder dress.

wedding hairstyles for long hair

With the numerous wedding hairstyles for long hair we’ve compiled here, we hope you now have a style in mind for your big day!

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