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Natural Brow Grooming Products You Need Right Now

By Jenna Catherine

If there’s one beauty trend that seems to change dramatically, it’s for brows. In the 1920’s and 30s, thinner was better. Stars of the silver screen resembled little dolls with the bow lips and fine arches. In the 50’s that all changed: the boldly geometric brow was ‘in’, complemented by a strikingly red mouth. The 60s and 70s saw a natural brow, whilst the 80s were all about the full brow, exemplified by Brooke Shields. Today, that look is back, thanks to the likes of Lourdes Ciccone, Cara Delevigne. But how to get that look?

Sure, fuller arches are so sexy right now, but not everyone is blessed with a set. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to get the look with a few tricks and the right products. Wondering How to Create the Perfect Brow? These are some of our favorite natural brow grooming products and tips–and they’re guaranteed to perk up your face like a surgery-free lift!

Brow Tips

According to  NYC brow artist Hibba Kapil, first you should tweeze stray brows with a decent pair of tweezers, like those by Anastasia. If you’ve got super bushy brows, you may want to shape them with some eyebrow trimmers.

Be sure to NEVER tweeze above your natural brow line, as these hairs tend to stop growing back once you hit a certain age. Concentrate on those in between and below your brow line.

Use a  brow pencil in the same shade as your brows to outline the shape of the brows. Then, you just have to fill them in with the product that best suits you. Here are a few we love:  27093-3398935-IMG_6944

Brow Pencils

Looking for a little more definition?  Once you try the  Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil,  you’ll be hooked from the first time you use it. The unique  triangular-shaped tip combines powder and wax to create a naturally full shape, allowing you to sculpt with broad strokes using the flat edge of the pencil as well as fill in with fine lines using the pointed tip. It comes in a dozen shades, and the product is sulfate-free; phalate-free, paraben free and boasts three kinds of natural oils (soybean, vegetable and coconut) to keep your brows glossy and healthy.

TIP: for natural looking brows, stay inside the lines of your natural brows, and just fill in sparse areas.

Brow Gels

Brow guru Eliza Petrescu says that after you fill them in, it’s majorly important to set your brows with a gel if you want the look to last. Even if you’re blessed with amazing brows, and just need something to keep them in place, a brow gel like the Jane Iredale PureBrow Brow Gel that comes in four shades might just be your ticket.  Another option is the Pacifica Stunning Brows Eye Brow Gloss and Set.  Both come in a clear option that will set brows in place, or choose a tinted gel that will add a little volume.



Brow Waxes

A  cult favourite, and one chosen by makeup artists around the world is the Ecobrow Defining Wax is not for the faint at heart.  If you are looking to create a brow from scratch, or just really love a very defined brow, this is the product for you.  It comes in 6 shades, a colour to match every brow shade.  Create the perfectly feathered brow by using the angled brush, which was made especially for use with this wax.  Ecobrow is naturally derived, paraben free, and is never tested on animals.

TIP: always use a spoolie brush after application.  This will blend the product evenly and create the most perfectly groomed feathered brow.



Powder Palettes

Prefer a multi-use product?  Use the Dr. Hauschka Precious Moments In The Blink Of An Eye Palette to create the most beautiful natural eyeshadow look, and it doubles to fill in the brows.  It contains four natural shades, and two colours were specifically chosen to fill in brows.  

TIP: start at the arch of the brow, and use small fine strokes in the direction of the growth of the eyebrow hairs.  With what product remains on the brush, fill in to the right of the bridge of the nose.  To create a natural looking brow, the most pigment should be at the middle of the brow, and slightly lighter on both ends.  


Brow Fillers

Perhaps the most famous brow product ever is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, and for good reason, the simple super fine automatic pencil and built in spoolie make it the perfect all in one.  Nix it and it’s questionable ingredients and choose the Honest Company Brow Filler.  It comes in four shades, and the super fine pencil makes it perfect for creating natural hair like strokes.

TIP: always brush through brows before applying a filler.  This will help in determining where the sparse areas are that need to be filled in.  


Brow Pomades

Love the idea of working with a cream brow filler, but love the look of a powder?  The Hynt Beauty Cream to Powder Brow Definer is lightweight pomade that glides on effortlessly, and sets to a soft powder finish. Jojoba and castor seed oils help to nourish and promote hair growth.  Not only does this product perform, it is vegan, free from toxins, silicones, petrochemicals and GMO’s.



Alternatively, the Zuii Certified Floral Eyebrow Definer  is the perfect tool for filling in sparse brow areas. It contains nourishing oils to help your brows grow, as well as cera alba wax to keep what you have in place. The best part of all is the fine but sturdy tip, perfectly angled at 45 degrees to create an ideal, fine line where you need it most. The shades are also perfectly natural – Taupe is great for dirty blondes and brunettes; the darker your hair, the more you need to layer on.


Growth Serums

Brows sparse? No worries. Organyc Lash&Brow Growth Serum can help! Bioavailable lipo-oligopeptides penetrate the hair follicles and significantly stimulate keratin genes, which in turn fortify the eyelash hair noticeably lengthening and thickening the eyelashes. It’s a great product that’s been proven by science to show an  increase in length and thickness of your brows and eyelashes. Best of all, it’s  fragrance, casein, paraben, sulphate and gluten free, causes no irritation or allergies, and is 100% vegan friendly.


Brow Conditioners

But that’s not your only option.  If you’ve overdone the plucking, it may be time to try a brow conditioner. This one by LashFood contains all sorts of phyto-medical nourishing ingredients to help bring back the plucked hairs in a matter of weeks.




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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.



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