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3 Steps to Beautiful Bridal Nails

By Sophia Hussain

Whether you’ve recently been engaged or just tied the knot, no doubt your friends have all been demanding “let’s see the ring!”

To best showcase this symbol of your eternal love, a good manicure is essential, so I’ve chosen to highlight here a  beautiful collection of eco-friendly Colour Hit nail lacquers that all have a bridal theme.

Colour Hit is a 5-free brand containing no harsh chemicals, including: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DPT), toluene, formaldehyde resin, and camphor.   The lacquers are easy to apply due to the wide brush head design, require two coats for opaque coverage, and dries in 10 minutes to a high-gloss luster. With only 5ml of product, the bottles are small enough to fit in your petite bridal clutch for emergency touch-ups.

Three Steps to Beautiful Bridal Nails


Here is our “3-Step” guide to creating flawless bridal nails with Sephora nail lacquers. Don’t forget to follow these steps on your toenails, too!

Step 1:  Start with clean, buffed, and filed nails.

Step 2:  Select one nail lacquer design from those below.


French Manicure

This universally flattering classic bridal nail look exudes elegance.   Use these cream-finish lacquer duos (pictured below): apply Sugar Coated (a pale pink hue) to the entire nail.   Once dried, apply Under the Covers (a snow white hue) to the nail tips, using nail-tip guides for a neat line.


You have the gold ring – so why not accent your ring-finger with the corresponding metallic finish lacquer.   There is the aptly named Engagement Ring (a white gold hue), Girls Night Out (a yellow gold hue), or Cupcake Madness (a rose gold hue with micro-shimmer particles).   Keep the remaining fingernails neutral by applying Sugar Coated (a pale pink hue).

These pastel shades are perfect for a French Manicure

Blushing Bride

Spring is the unofficial commencement of bridal season – celebrate with a cream-finish pink hue inspired by the best French pastry.   Strawberry Macaroon (a pastel pink hue) adds a delicate radiance to your nails.

Something Blue

Not got anything blue to wear? Then interpret this bridal tradition with blue statement nails, wearing this cream-finish Cotton Candy Effect Blue (a pastel blue hue).


Step 3:

Fortify your perfectly polished nails with one or two coats of Get What You Want (a crystal clear top-coat).   This finish will maintain the high-gloss luster and allows your manicure to remain chip-free for 10 days.

Perfect for the grande finale of tossing the bridal bouquet to crown the future bride-to-be!

For the entire Sephora bridal themed nail lacquer collection, please visit: http://www.sephora.fr/


2 thoughts on “3 Steps to Beautiful Bridal Nails”

  1. You’re welcome Virginia. I use a standard sized glass nail file (I purchased mine from Marionnaud in Paris) which gives a smooth finish to the nail edge too. Merci!

  2. Hi, thanks for the tips! Can I ask what nail file are you using? I’ve heard a lot of praise given to glass nail files recently. Do you have any experience? Thanks. 🙂

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