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The Best Beauty Day of the Week? Tuesday in Love!

By Sophia Hussain

If you wore nail polish as a little girl, you probably resorted to peeling off the remaining colour rather than using a nail polish remover.  That’s exactly the idea behind this efficient healthy nail polish brand from Toronto, Canada.  Created in 2012, Tuesday in Love is a water-permeable nail polish using micro-pore technology which allows water molecules to penetrate through the semi-permeable lacquer.  This aspect contributes to healthier nails, avoiding fungi (ew!) and yellow nails, and eliminates the need for a base coat, and of course also allows for the polish to easily peel away without the need for a harsh nail polish remover.


Each cylindrical bottle is decorated with an elegant hand scripted logo and contains a generous 15ml supply of cream finish nail polish. With a collection of 24 colourful hues so far, future colours are ingeniously generated based on customer comments via social media.  Tuesday in Love is free from harsh chemicals such as  formaldehyde,  toluene, DBP  [dibutyl phthalate], camphorare or alcohol,  and is never tested on animals.


Not only is Tuesday in Love chem free, it’s socially conscious too. For each bottle sold, the company donates a portion of proceeds to Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl initiative, which helps support the over 4 million girls living in poverty in the developing world.  Tuesday in Love has also created a fabulous baby pink hued nail polish called “For My Sister,” and donates 100% of the sales from each bottle to Because I am a Girl.

Tried and Tested

I tried three nail polish colours: Applause [a navy hue], Sugar Plum Fairy [an amethyst hue], and Hot Rod [an orange hue], and one clear Top Coat.  The colours are vivid and highly pigmented in just one coat.  The polish dried in less than 5 minutes to an opaque finish, and was easy to peel off about a week later.  Be warned: without the top coat, the nail polish only lasts a day before it starts to chip.

For the top coat longevity test, I applied one layer of top coat to Hot Rod.  The top coat is a thinner layer in comparison with the cream nail polishes, but it also dried in less than 5 minutes to create a high-gloss luster.  By day five, the nail polish was still chip free.  Although the nail polish is peelable, it was also easy to remove with an acetone-free nail polish remover.


Overall, Tuesday in Love’s 4-free polishes help girls in the developing world, and it’s nice to see another addition to the growing number of 4-free brands. This one’s unique selling point is a great idea–peeling off polish rather than soaking in acetate–just make sure you use the topcoat, and you’ll be in love with this brand from Tuesday to Tuesday.

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Sophia Hussain

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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