10 Of The Best Nude Lipsticks – Zero Toxins!

These are the best nude lipsticks for the season – and they’re all 100% free of all nasty toxins!

By Sophia Hussain

Perfect your pouts with subdued nude hues! Chemical-free, all natural nude lipsticks give a natural, pretty look for daytime, and enhance the mystique of smokey eyes at night. They also serve as a great lip shade when you’re going for an elaborate Euphoria-style makeup look on the rest of your face.

And no matter what your skin tone, there is definitely a nude hue for you. While selecting the best nude lipstick varies depending on your natural lip tone, rosy pink hues are universally flattering. On the other hand, warm, peachy tones flatter olive skin, and brown undertones match darker pigmented lips.

If you prefer to capture the true hue from the tube, prep your lips by applying a thin veil of organic mineral foundation to neutralise your natural lip tone. Effortlessly transform a cream into a matte finish by gently blotting with a tissue, or top up the high-gloss factor with a sheer organic lip gloss.

But no matter what hue or texture you choose – always ensure your lipstick is free from toxins.

As most of us know by now, women have been duped by cosmetic firms. We have been smearing everything from toxic lead and chemical preservatives to crushed bugs on our mouths. Unfortunately, glossy marketing blinded us to the facts – until now, that is!

Today, savvy women know better. They insist on wearing organic nude lipsticks that not only won’t harm their health – but will actually improve the state of their lips!

Here below, I’ve found 10 great examples. There’s something for everyone in my list of vegan, natural and organic nude lipsticks!

10 Of The Best Natural & Organic Nude Lipsticks

1. Vapour High Voltage Lipstick Bare

When we think of nude tones, we tend to favour beige tones but pink can be really warm and look gorgeous on all skin tones. Vapour Beauty’s Bare is a high pigment colour that will give kissable comfort and maximum hydration to your lips all day. The long-lasting shade is available in both matte or satin depend on your vibe.

Price: Around $30

One of the best nude lipsticks for: Either matte or satin finishes – you choose!

10 of the Best Nude Lipsticks

2.  Kjaer Weis Serene

Blended with hydrating jojoba seed oil and beeswax to lock in that moisture, this lip tint imparts subtle colour to your pout. It has a hydrating, balm-like texture that leaves a sheer finish. You can use a brush to paint this on, or if you’re like me, your finger (it warms the product up and makes it spread better that way!)

Price: $48

One of the best nude lipsticks for: A touch of luxury in your lippy collection


10 of the Best Nude Lipsticks

3. RMS Beauty Wild With Desire

Perfect for all skin tones, this deep nude shade is deeply hydrating and lasts all day. Created with the brand’s blend of signature oils and a nourishing blend of antioxidants, it has a soft, hydrating formula that feels comfortable on the lips.

Price: $28

One of the best nude lipsticks for: Everyday use for all skin tones

4. Lily Lolo Nude Allure

What’s not to love about Lily Lolo lipsticks? They’re super affordable and stunning to wear. Each shade gives a stunning natural glow while working to keep your lips silky smooth. That’s thanks to the organic vitamin E and rosemary extracts that are packed into each tube. Free from harsh chemicals, organic and gluten free, this one is almost natural enough to eat!

Price: $18

One of the best nude lipsticks for: Those who need gluten -free beauty products

lily lolo lipstick

5. Lavios Vida

LΛVIOS sets a new standard of Clean Lip Cosmetics! Their matte VIDA hue is 100% natural and plant based, packed with skin-loving ingredients for the softest kisses. The texture of this nude lipstick is ultra light but high performing. We also love their eco-friendly bamboo and glass based packaging.

Price: Around $29

One of the best nude lipsticks for: Those who prefer beauty products that don’t pollute the planet


6. ILIA Beauty French Nude

This classically hued lipstick is highly pigmented to last all day! You could say these are even artisanal lippies, as each one is crafted by hand and milled with customised pigments in organic Castor Seed Oil to ensure your lips are left feeling supple and cared for, even after several hours of wear

Price: $28

One of the best nude lipsticks for: Colour that lasts for hours and hours!

the best nude lipsticks

7. La Bouche Rouge Rosewood

Fighting single-use plastic, La Bouge Rouge offers refill lipsticks that can be slotted into their sleek vegan leather lipstick case. Each lipstick is vegan and free from the likes of microplastics, harsh chemicals and beeswax. There are plenty of shades to choose from, but we’re loving Rosewood for a perfectly pink nude.

Price: $30

One of the best nude lipsticks for: Vegans looking for a luxury lippy

8. Chantecaille Mirage

Chantecaille’s richly pigmented lipstick is made with natural beeswax and water-resistant lauryl lysine. It covers your lips in a creamy, hydrating formula that has a natural SPF of 6 and lasts for hours. Our pick? The ‘Mirage’ hue is the perfect nude for everyday wear.

Price: $38

One of the best nude lipsticks for: Those who need a low SPF to protect their pout

10 of the Best Nude Lipsticks

9. Le Rouge Francais Astera

Certified organic. Vegan. Beautiful. What more do you need in a lipstick? French brand Le Rouge Francais has created a stunning nude lippie hue called Astera. It’s slightly bronze-inflected, with a lightweight texture for a soft, luminous finish.

Price: Around $45

One of the best nude lipsticks for: A touch of French chic

10 of the Best Nude Lipsticks


10. Vapour Beauty Chill

Treat your lips to an infusion of hydrating and beautifying organic botanicals, including pomegranate and rose oil! This silky smooth shade has become something of a cult classic, due to the fact that it offers rich, luscious colour that looks amazing on most skin tones.

One of the best nude lipsticks for: A hue that looks seriously good on just about anyone!

Price: $28

10 of the Best Nude Lipsticks


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