Size Inclusive Ethical Fashion Brands Big On Style

These size inclusive ethical fashion brands are big on style, but low on environmental impact! 

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Shopping for sustainable fashion can be tough enough itself. Not all high street or department stores carry a wide variety of brands. And when you do find a shop that’s offering ethical fashion, for many of us, it’s disappointing to discover that it may not fit your taste – or body.

Because margins are so tight with most sustainable labels (since they normally don’t produce on the same scale as fast fashion brands, and because their customer base is smaller), they tend to create three basic sizes: S, M and L. Whilst there are some great ‘regular’ plus sized labels out there, like Ashleigh Plus Size, finding sustainable fashion that’s big on size – and style – can be a challenge.

Slowly, this is changing. No longer are larger women stuck with tent dresses and track bottoms! A large number of retailers are now creating size inclusive ethical fashion.

A lot of these retailers are already well known: Everlane or Reformation, for example. But some are more niche – and just as chic!

Here, I’ve found some great examples of chic, tailored size inclusive ethical fashion brands I think you’ll love.

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Plus Size Sustainable Fashion Brands Big On Style

1. Reformation 

Thanks to their collaboration with curvy model Ali Tate Cutler, Reformation is now a size inclusive ethical fashion brand. Their Ali Tate Cutler Collection (pictured above) runs from sizes 0 to 22 and XS to 3XL. The collection features a variety of pieces, from off-the-shoulder gingham dresses to frilly tops, two-piece sets, bodysuits and more. But there are plenty of other plus size sustainable fashion options from the label, too! Grab everything from tops and denim to those famous Reformation maxi wrap dresses we all love. You’ll even find wedding dresses!

And of course, the creation of all items abides by Reformation’s conscious standards. They boast reduced water usage, upcycling materials and the use of ethical work practices.

Best for: Wrap dresses

Price point: Medium

2. Everlane

Whether it’s their jeans, dresses, jumpers or even shoes, Everlane has two goals: to make plus sized sustainable fashion from ethical materials. Whilst not specialising in plus sizes, their collections do go up to XL, and the best part? These are quality garments at reasonable prices.

Best for: Loungewear

Price point: Medium to low

everlane plus size

3. Eileen Fisher

This highly respected sustainable fashion designer uses a circular system that starts with ethical working practices, organic and natural fibres and ends by recycling old clothes through an in house take-back programme. Curvaceous women will be pleased to find XL cardigans, dresses, jackets, jumpers and more from this label – all crafted from sensual, high quality materials.

Best for: Office wear

Price point: High

4. Warp & Weft

Jeans can be one of the hardest items to buy for plus sized peeps. So thank heavens for Warp & Weft! The sustainable brand is a family owned company that uses an eco-friendly mill to create high quality denim that’s good for your health, the environment, and your bank account.

A traditional pair of jeans consumes 1,500 gallons of H2O. But a pair of Warps requires less than 10 gallons, and they recycle and treat 98% of the water they use. Instead of bleach, they use Dry Ozone technology on their denims, and the brand is also committed to ethical practices. This is expressed through fair wages, reasonable hours and positive working conditions.

Sizing here is amongst the most inclusive we know of: it goes from 00 up to 24.

Best for: Jeans, of course!

Price point: Medium

5. Universal Standard

This is a brand that prides itself on body positivity and inclusivity. Their sizes range from 00 all the way up to 40! Although the brand isn’t particularly focused on sustainability, they do have a system called Fit Liberty, whereby any piece of used clothing returned to them is donated to organisations like Dress for Success and First Step. Both empower women to achieve economic independence through work, and your donation will help them get that crucial first interview!

What we love most about this brand, though, is the fact that they offer a comprehensive range of clothing. Here, you’ll find everything you need, from jackets and underwear to shoes and basics like sweaters and jeans.

Best for: Your everyday wardrobe needs

Price point: Low

Plus Size Sustainable Fashion

6. Idle

This new loungewear label recently got our attention for a few reasons. First up, it uses sustainable fabrics like TENCEL and pure silk. Secondly, they use recycled packaging. They also have a long-standing relationship with their family-owned manufacturer, which guarantees a safe, ethical workplace and fair wages.

But that’s not all!

The brand is also zero-waste, as they use all fabric scraps to make scrunchies. And their sizes go up to 3X.

Best for: Looking good while you lounge.

Price point: Medium to low.

plus sized loungewear

7. Hackwith Design House

Proudly Made in America, Hackwith Design House’s sustainable plus size fashion comes only in limited editions, with no more than 25 pieces made for each style. Women whose sizes run from 14 to 28 will find a large variety of flattering tops, pants, dresses and jumpsuits created by this ethical company, which is dedicated to supporting local industry and reducing waste by producing less than most brands do.

Best for: Stylish, ethical basics

Price point: Medium

Plus Sized Sustainable Fashion

8. Kowtow

Kowtow is an exceptionally ethical brand in terms of using organic cottons used and natural dyes. They also ensure Fair Trade employment practices and that everything comes in sustainable packaging.

The crisp, minimalist forms that represent the brand’s aesthetics are loose fitting and generously proportioned, accommodating larger sizes with ease.

Best for: Comfy urban wear with Japanese influences

Price point: High

Plus Sized Sustainable Fashion

9. Daniel Silverstein

One of Eluxe’s favourite designers, Daniel Silverstein uses zero-waste techniques to create chicly urban handmade garments that come up to XXL sizes. The young New York based designer firmly believes that body image acceptance should be taught in schools. He says:  “It’s something we need to be thinking of at the educational level to make true industry reform.”

Daniel prides himself on zero waste design, meaning no scrap of fabric goes unused in his studio. He also ensures that his design patterns are cut with minimal waste.

Best for: Designer wear

Price point: High

10. Christy Dawn

After learning that America sends over 11 million tons of textiles to landfills each year, fashion designer Christy Dawn was determined to create a sustainable and ethical fashion line that would minimise her environmental footprint.

All of her dresses are made from deadstock fabric in downtown Los Angeles by the best dress makers in the world. And of course, each seamstress is paid a fair living wage. She’s proud of the positive environmental and social impact her company is making. She doesn’t just want you to look good in her dresses, she wants you to feel good about what you’re wearing too. That’s true no matter what your size! And that’s why most of her styles go up to XL.

Best for: Floaty dresses

Price point: High

11. Megan Reilley

Size inclusive ethical fashion can also refer to height, as designer Megan Reilley knows well. Her collections of North American-made, high-quality, classic minimalist garments are aimed at women of all sizes who are from 5’9” to 6’8″. Through her work, Megan hopes to start a conversation about the struggles tall women face, and to push the industry forward both in embracing the diversity of women’s bodies and in the ethical production of clothing.

From bodycon dresses and sweet camisoles to everyday trackies, Megan Reilley offers beautiful wardrobe staples for the larger woman.

Best for: Casual wear for tall women

Price point: Medium

Plus Size Sustainable Fashion

12. Girlfriend Collective

Whether you’re hitting the gym for a workout or heading to a yoga class, one thing is for sure: activewear needs to be comfortable. No one wants to be in the downward dog while digging a wedgie out of their bum, right?

With sizes that go up to a 6XL, Girlfriend Collective is looking after all sizes of women in the sisterhood, providing easy-to-wear leggings, sports bras and tees made from recycled plastic. Every garment is perfect for grabbing for your next workout!

Best for: Activewear

Price point: Low to medium

size inclusive ethical fashion

13. Universal Standard

While we still live in a world that seemingly favours women of a certain size, Universal Standard is shattering this stereotype. The brand focuses on being inclusive to ALL shapes and sizes. Ranging from sizes 00 through to 40, the ethical size inclusive fashion brand is creating a shopping haven where women of all shapes and sizes can shop in one place without facing prejudice. Here, you’ll find everything from simplistic wardrobe staples to dressier attire.

Best for: A wide variety of sizes. These go from 00 to 40

Price point: Low

Size Inclusive Ethical Fashion

14. Hours

Every ethical fashionista knows the importance of building a wardrobe capsule, shopping less often and more intentionally. Hours is the perfect size inclusive ethical fashion place to buy those wardrobe essentials. With the brand being built around the belief that clothes are meant to fit you, not the other way around, they cater to sizes 14 through to 28.

Whether you’re looking for comfy sweatshirts or a statement jacket, Hours mitigates waste by using upcycled fabrics and even has an implemented ‘zero plastic’ promise so you can shop safely knowing your clothing won’t come encased in copious amounts of unnecessary plastic.

Best for: Activewear

Price point: Medium to low

Size Inclusive Ethical Fashion


We’ve all felt that frustration when we’ve found the perfect dress – only for the ‘sold out’ sign to pop up and torture us. Well, that is never an issue if you shop with IGIGI! With off-the-rack fashion products being one of the biggest sources of pollution on the planet, IGIGI knew that a change was needed.

Committing to practising sustainable and ethical manufacturing and ensuring there is minimal waste, all IGIGI garments are customised and are only sold Made to Order. This process offers curvy fashionistas their own unique styles created just the way they love. Everything is beautifully tailor-made to your unique size and height.

Best for: This is the best size inclusive ethical fashion site for evening wear

Price point: High

igigi fashion

Did we miss any size inclusive ethical fashion brands you know of? Let us know in the comments, below!

Main image: Universal Standard

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