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8 Eco Friendly Fabrics In Our Material World

By Arwa Lodhi What makes clothing sustainable? Which fashion brands use eco friendly fabrics? And which fabrics can indeed be classified as ‘eco friendly’? When consumers ask themselves these questions, it’s a good thing. But when fashion buyers ask them,…

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Cork Handbags That Totally POP!

By Diane Small Of all the vegan leathers, maybe cork is the best. It’s got a lovely natural grain like wood, and using cork isn’t just eco-friendly in terms of biodegradability, it’s also a means of helping to preserve…

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A Very Merry Christmas Fashion Shoot

By Diane Small   And so it is Christmas: the festival of peace, brotherhood…and garish decorations. Simply can’t take the sight of another naff jumper? Eyes watering from tinsel overload? Got a gauche wrapping paper-induced headache coming on? Then…

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Feminism in Fashion: Women For Women

By Courtney Yalen It seems ironic that women are the main consumers of fashion – and the main workers in the industry. Most garment workers around the world are female, and they’re badly exploited. They’re poorly paid, have no…

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Label Love: Skall Studio’s Sisterly Stylings

By Diane Small They say that ‘sisterhood is powerful.’ It has the ability to bring families closer together, advance social movements, and to catalyse people into action. Sisters Julie and Marie Skall have done all of this with their…

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Label Love: The Sweet Stylings of Suite 13

By Diane Small Pure, organic cotton; transparent production processes and simple, classic designs are the three defining factors behind Spanish based eco fashion brand Suite 13. Made in small workshops in Barcelona using only natural dyes in a limited…

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6 Simple, Sustainable Styling Tips

By Anna Van Der Heijden The best thing about avoiding fast fashion is that you are less likely to look like everyone else. Slow fashionistas couldn’t care less about the latest shipment into Zara; they’re not salivating all over fashion…

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Going Shopping With In The Know Fashion

By Chere Di Boscio Online shopping is fast becoming the norm – especially in winter. I mean, who in their right mind wants to battle pre-Christmas crowds in the cold to search for gifts and necessities? Luckily, more and…

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3 Sustainable Vegan Silks That Do No Harm

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi For thousands of years, silk has been associated with luxury. From emperor’s robes to concubine’s scarves, the fabric represented wealth, refinement, and sensuality. Of course, this is all true today, too, but we can add ‘sustainability’…

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Johanna Riplinger: Postcards from Cape Town

By Diane Small Johanna Riplinger is a fashionable woman of the world who also wants to save the world through fashion. German born, American by nationality, Parisian by choice, the designer currently enjoys working in the City of Light,…

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Dyer Maker: Meet Cara Marie Piazza

 By Chere Di Boscio It’s not often that videos about eco-fashion techniques become viral, but so beautiful is the work of Cara Marie Piazza, the video of her using flower waste to create gorgeously dyed clothing has been seen…