24 Ooey, Gooey Vegan Marshmallow Recipes

By Lora O’Brien

Some desserts  are a bit like fashions  – for awhile, people just adore them; can’t get enough of them. We can’t imagine anything we’d rather see at a dinner party. Then, after some time, they’re considered out of style, even ridiculous, and we move on to the next sweet thing.

Witness the case of the aspic jelly, for example.  Based on beef, fish, chicken, pork, vegetable, or veal stock, the idea of this Julia Child staple was to get the gelatin from the bones of the animals, then make a jelly from it, and within that jelly, you’d enclose – you guessed it – some kind of meat. Ugh.

Around the same decade, the Baked Alaska Flambe was the thing. It seemed like such an exotic treat: cake enclosed in ice cream and meringue, doused with booze, then set on fire. A show stopper! But can you imagine serving that today? Ain’t nobody got time to make that!

More recently, cupcakes were a huge ‘thing’. You could barely swing a cat in most major cities without hitting an artisanal cupcake store. Shortly afterwards, the French took over and macarons, in all their complex and exotic flavour combinations, became ‘the’ dessert to have. Fashion houses are still serving them with champagne during fashion week, and I’ve even tried one that was gilded in gold leaf. Gold leaf!

But I have a tip for you: macarons are on the way out. They’re simply too sugary, you see. And they don’t travel well. There’s a new dessert in town though. And that, my friends, is the artisanal marshmallow.

Okay, fine. I get that food trends shift. But…marshmallows? These aren’t the ubiquitous pink and white variety we’ve all toasted over campfires; today’s mallows are subtly flavoured with things like lemon peel and jasmine oil. But they’re still essentially just the sweetened result of boiled pig and cow hoofs, for that is what their base – gelatin – is made of.

Unless they’re vegan, of course!

But vegan marshmallow recipes are not for the faint of heart. No siree. These are hard to make from scratch, but well worth the effort. Lunchbox Bunch Blog advises that whenever you’re making vegan marshmallows from scratch, you should keep these pointers in mind:

  1. Vegan marshmallows are much like spoiled little divas: you need to follow the directions and give them time, attention and TLC, or else they’ll have a complete meltdown. Literally.
  2. Don’t expect to get the same stuff you can buy in a bag at the grocery store. We’re talking homemade here. And vegan. It’s just not gonna happen.
  3. We suggest you use a standing mixer. A hand mixer will do the job, but your arms will get a really good workout and you will need another set of hands to pour the syrup into the bowl while mixing!
  4. For “extra firm” marshmallows, store them in the freezer after you cut them. If you don’t mind a little bit of goo, store them in the fridge.
  5. Making these in small batches works better than making a lot of them at once.
  6. You may need to expand your vocabulary to include the word ‘aquafaba’. More on this later.

I’ve dug up some of the ooiest, gooiest, tastiest vegan marshmallow recipes I could find – these include many versions of the obvious ‘smore, as well as some rather unexpected treats.

1. Vegan Marshmallows 1

To get started, the first thing you’re going to need for all these recipes below is…vegan marshmallows! You can indeed buy them at  good health food stores like Whole Foods, Planet Organic or online, but they’re not cheap. Plus, if you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re into cooking from scratch, right?

As mentioned above, this may be a new experience for you, and there may be one ingredient might not be familiar with:  aquafaba! But it’s pretty simple actually: it’s the water in which chickpeas have been cooked. It mimics the actions of egg whites, and is entirely vegan friendly. I’ve seen people making meringue from chickpea water, too. How amazing is that?

So, back to the marshmallows. This recipe makes a softer mallow, with  an almost mousse-like texture. But they will be  real winners all year round – think bunny  mallows for Easter and ghoulish ghosts for Halloween. And the best part? These can be toasted, too! Roll your ‘mallows into desiccated coconut or chopped nuts for a fancy touch.

Get a basic marshmallow recipe here.

vegan marshmallow recipes

2.  Homemade Vegan Marshmallows 2

Here’s another, less fluffy ‘mallow recipe. The density of these almost remind of Turkish delight, especially with their powdered sugar topping. These will make the perfect base for the recipes below, or they can be eaten on their own, of course. Make a batch of these and  store them in a lock-tight container or Mason jar for when you need some marshmallows to melt into a hot chocolate or cook with, using one of the recipes below.

Get the recipe here.

Vegan marshmallow recipes

3.  Peanut Butter Marshmallow  Brownies

My mouth is watering already! If there’s anything greater than the combo of chocolate and peanut butter, please do tell me. These moist brownies are richly packed with chocolate and melted pockets of marshmallow with added nuts for a crunch. They may not be a low-sugar treat, but hey, that’s why God created gyms, right?

Get the recipe here.

vegan smores recipes

4.  Orange Cream Vegan Marshmallows

These may be a little fussy to make, but I can promise you they’ll be worth it. You can either drizzle them with chocolate and dive right in, or turn them into a chocolate-orange s’more. With Halloween coming up these would look pretty cool with ghoulish eyes on them, and you could even put a few into a plastic bag and give them out as sweet treats when those mask-clad rascals come knocking.

Get the recipe here.


5.  White Chocolate Marshmallow Brownie Bites

Brownies are delicious, but white chocolate brownies? Hell yeah! The white chocolate gives some creamy smoothness whereas the lumps of marshmallow add a soft texture as well as added sweetness. Despite the egg replacement, these are pretty dense for vegan brownies – in a good way, of course!

Get the recipe here.


6.  Brownie-Marshmallow Fruit Sticks

A touch of fruit makes these dessert kabobs healthier than the average dessert, and they’re fun to make, too! Get the kids involved – even the littlest ones can make the skewers.

Get the recipe here.

7.  Toasted Marshmallow Brownies

This will take your brownie game up several levels, trust me. As if rich, decadent chocolate brownies weren’t bite sized pieces of heaven already, throw a marshmallow onto the top and wait for it to melt and thank me later. Tip: gently burn the tops of these by putting them under the top element for a few seconds. Yummm!

Get the recipe here.


8.  S’mores Bars

S’mores in bar form? YES! The base of these bars is an almond-oat crust with added pecans for both texture and crunch. Chocolate ganache makes up the filling and then marshmallows are toasted and melted on top. Everything about these screams decadence –  these are a pretty gorgeous treat. Just try to not eat them all in one go!

Get the recipe here.


9. Marshmallow-Stuffed S’mores  Cookies

If you ask me, a great cookie should  be nice and gooey inside, but this recipe is next level stuff. A s’more stuffed cookie? Seriously, BRB whilst I go make these right this second. The best part is the fact that if, somehow, you control yourself and don’t eat them all up straight from the oven, then by popping them into the microwave for around ten seconds the marshmallow will puff up and melt again tasting like they’ve just come straight from the oven.

Get the recipe here.


10.  Banana Marshmallow Trail Mix

I  do like a bit of  trail mix, but it can easily become monotonous. This recipe adds a bit of  fun via vegan marshmallows, and is great for kids – to eat, and to make. Simply get them to combine animal crackers (or any small, vegan crackers available to you) and then add vegan chocolate chips, dried banana chips and some mini marshmallows. Et voila!

Get the recipe here.


11.  Pumpkin Marshmallow Donuts

These will be wonderful dunked into your morning coffee or just as a treat in the afternoon when the sugar cravings attack. Plus, with all the added pumpkin in this fluffy, sweet treats, they’re actually one of your five a day – cool, huh?!

Get the recipe here.


12.  Caramel Coffee Pistachio S’mores

Just when I thought s’mores couldn’t get any better, I find this caramel, coffee and pistachio recipe. How glam do these look? If I was served one of these up as a desert I can tell you I would be thrilled. And again, like s’mores, they’re pretty quick and easy to throw together.

Get the recipe here.


13.  Vegan Ambrosia Salad

This vegan version of the 1960s housewife classic has retro appeal! Packed with readily available fruits, creamy coconut and fluffy marshmallows, this used to be served as a salad, alongside actual dinner – which probably included glazed ham with pineapple and devilled eggs. Personally, I believe this is a dessert, or served with cereal and a smoothie or green juice, it could be a nice Sunday brunch. But hey, to each her own!

Get the recipe here.


14.  Vegan Rocky Road Bars

How could I not include rocky road in a marshmallow article? Rocky road is, like, the best thing ever, thanks to its symphony of textures. Everything about it is  such a pleasure –  the chunks of crunchy biscuit, the soft, squashy marshmallow, the smooth chocolate. These bars are sweetened with dried fruit (cherry would work wonders here) and are given even more crunch from a selection of nuts and chocolate chunks.

Get the recipe here.


15.  Sweet Potato Hush Puppies

For those of you who have yet to try one,  a hush puppy is a small, savory deep-fried ball traditionally filled with seafood or various other meaty  foods. I know, they sound a bit like a heart attack on a plate, right? Well, I’m glad to bring you a sweeter and much healthier version, with sweet potato and  melted mallows as the filling. These balls can be whipped up as a naughty treat or as a  dessert. I think you’ll love them as they are, but if you’re looking to make them a little more sinful, melted chocolate would look and taste divine drizzled over these. Y’know, just to impress guests.

Get the recipe here.


16.  Whoopie Pie S’mores

These look (almost) too good to eat. This combines two dishes – whoopie pie which is a small cake with a chewy texture that is usually chocolate and sandwiched together with a creamy filling, and s’mores. This recipes takes away the crunchy outside of s’mores and replaces it with soft, tender chocolate cake. With melted chocolate, toasted marshmallows and berries – what’s not to love?

Get the recipe here.


16.  No Bake Chocolate & Cereal  Marshmallow Bars

I think we all need a treat in our baking repertoire that requires three ingredients and can be made in just two minutes. Voila! These remind me of the cereal bars I made as kids, which were just cereal with melted chocolate. These are really quick and fun for kids to make, and I can almost guarantee they’ll devour the entire batch. Tip: you can add in whatever cereal you like here – personally, I can vouch that gluten free organic corn flakes work beautifully here.

Get the recipe here.


17. Vegan Marshmallow Fluff

So here it is – that weird ingredient, aquafaba, in action. And doesn’t it look amazing? You’re gonna need an electric blender for this, as well as guar gum  (available in health food stores), but man, is it worth it! You can use this fluff on any cake or cupcake recipe that you love, or even on pancakes.

Get the recipe here.


18.  S’mores Granola Bars

These s’mores granola bars make such a wonderful sweet treat for the whole  family. Perfect for long trips, pot luck dinners and picnics, they’re especially popular with kids. And if you like, you can sneak in mega healthy superfoods, like chia seeds, crushed nuts or even some maca powder. They’ll never know they’re actually ingesting some health foods. Bwah ha ha!

Get the recipe here.


19. Simple Vegan S’mores

Traditionally a very American snack reserved for campfires, s’mores are gaining popularity around the world. And you know why? Because they’re delicious, that’s why! And you don’t even need an actual campfire: I wrapped these in foil, popped these into the oven for 10 mins, and they were still pretty good!

Get the recipe here.

20. Vegan Pumpkin Cupcakes with Marshmallow Fluff

How pretty are these? Richly dense, spicy in a yummy pumpkin-latte kind of way, and topped off with a gooey frosting, these are ideal for birthday parties. The recipe calls for a store bought jar of vegan marshmallow fluff, but you can just use the recipe in number 17 instead.

Get the recipe here.


21.  Toasted Marshmallow Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Because marshmallows can be thrown into anything, so why not an ice cream?! How amazing does this look? I would just sit and eat this  until it was all gone. And would I feel guilty? Okay, maybe a bit, but it would be worth it. It’s incredibly creamy from the coconut milk and the addition of marshmallows lend this some added chewy texture.

Get the recipe here.


22.  Toasted Marshmallow  Smoothie

Take your love of marshmallows to the next level by whipping them up into a smoothie. This is actually more like one of those thick shakes you’d probably find in an American drugstore diner in like, 1950. But unlike old fashioned milkshakes that are laden with sugar and nasties, this is full of ingredients that will keep you fueled and satisfied, like cashews and  medjool dates.

Get the recipe here.


23.  Vegan Hot Chocolate + Marshmallows

With the weather slowly but surely transitioning towards autumn it’s officially time for . . . hot chocolate! Who doesn’t enjoy a warm mug of chocolatey goodness when it’s cold outside? This vegan version is everything that makes a great hot choc. Rich, sweet and creamy chocolate topped with coconut cream and marshmallows. The best part? Watching as the mallows melt into a sticky goo of perfection. Plus, these look pretty fancy, right?

Get the recipe here.


24. Vegan S’mores Frappuccino

There are people who are obsessed with the S’mores Frappuccino from Starbucks. But guess what? It not only has a gazillion calories, it’s also not vegan friendly at all. This version is, but I cannot tell a lie – it’s just as rich in calories. But hey – I still love it because it’s damn delicious. Oh, and….coffee.

Get the recipe here.


Lora O'Brien
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