5 Sustainable Fashion Brands From New Zealand

It may be a small place, but these sustainable fashion brands from New Zealand prove the nation is full of talent!

By Frederique Gulcher

There are 60 million sheep in New Zealand, give or take. And approximately zero hobbits. But there is plenty of space showcasing a verdant, beautiful land that sparks a  love of nature by all those who lay eyes on it.

Perhaps for that reason, there’s a huge sustainable fashion movement here, with a growing number of local ethical fashion brands emerging.

For example? Here, we’ve found 5 seriously chic sustainable fashion brands from New Zealand that care for the environment, without compromising effortless elegance.

5 Sustainable Fashion Brands From New Zealand

Sustainable Fashion Brands From New Zealand

1. Maggie Marilyn

The colours of New Zealand’s summer have inspired the latest collection of Maggie Marilyn’s eponymous label. This is only her fourth collection, but there is nothing fledgling about this designer.

Maggie’s garments are like works of art. They are exquisitely assembled, beautified by a sun-kissed colour palette and featuring distinctive ruffles, pleats and ruching.  This is truly liveable luxury. But at the same time, it could be Saturday morning mooch wear for a coffee with the girls.

Organic cottons, wools, denims and cotton drills are hand selected from around the world. Each piece of fabric is turned into chic sportswear with a feminine touch.

Like her counterparts, Maggie wants to make fashion fair. Living wages and attention to the impact on the environment are two of her top priorities. At the same time, she wants her designs to reflect who she is – an optimist and environmentalist with elegance. “To me, the world right now feels slightly broken. But clothes can transport us to a dreamworld,” says Maggie. “A world that is brighter, sunnier, warmer with less darkness.”

Cheers to that!

Sustainable Fashion Brands From New Zealand

2. Kowtow

To kowtow means to pay deep respect or submission. And that’s exactly what ethical fashion brand Kowtow does for the environment! Their unisex aesthetic and multipurpose garments have blazed the way for sustainable fashion in New Zealand for over a decade.

The brand’s Director and key designer Gosia Piatek manages a small team who produce certified organic, non-toxic and fair trade clothing from seed to garment. Designed in New Zealand and produced in  SA8000 certified  factories in India, Kowtow’s philosophy revolves around trying to fix the flaws in the fast-fashion industry.

This inspiring, minimalistic brand is one the best known sustainable fashion brands from New Zealand. It demonstrates beyond a doubt that it IS possible to be sustainable AND stylish.

Sustainable Fashion Brands From New Zealand

3. Ovna Ovich

Ovna Ovich may sound like the name of a designer, but it’s actually Russian for feminine masculine. In short, this describes designer Marina Davis’ approach to fashion.  

Her garments are a celebration of the subtle beauty of the world around New Zealand. She  describes her pieces as well considered, pared back and with a story to tell.

Her “garden-to-garment” concept is not just about natural fibres or sustainable fashion choices. Rather, it extends to the beauty and purity of the fabrics used: linen, tencel and silk. The trademark of the brand can be seen through impeccable tailoring, subtle tones and clean, confident silhouettes. David allows the fabric to be the real hero.

The Summer Spring collection Once Was was shot in a farmed setting, highlighting that garden-to-garment pride. I’m personally a huge fan of Ovna Ovich’s versatility with dress-up-dress-down silk dresses, ruched tops and linen blazers in an compatible capsule palette.

Not surprisingly, as David was a previous designer at Kowtow, her production standards here are high. Strong social and environmental ethics and waste minimization define her brand. She’s also proud that all her textiles are biodegradable.

ovna ovich

4. Masami Clothing

Masami Clothing designer Julie Puddick hand makes and cuts limited collections, each with her signature style softness combined with sharp tailoring. She sources textiles, trims and embellishments from local second-hand stores, international fabric specialists and vintage boutiques. 

Perhaps it’s the billow to some of the garments, or the origami-like folds, or the art of the cutting itself, but Masami certainly has an artisanal strength. As the name implies, there is a strong Japanese influence inspired by designers such as Yoji Yamamoto and Akira Isogawa.

“The cloth decides how each piece will be made,” she says. Working with skilled garment makers and embroiderers in her town of Gisborne, known in New Zealand for its beautiful beaches, wine, indigenous culture and being the first place in the world to see the sun rise every day, Puddick is inspired by this easy living environment and laid back lifestyle.

These pieces are everyday wear, yes, but elevated to make a statement.

5. Bare Bones and Arc & Bow

These 2 sustainable fashion brands from New Zealand are the brainchildren of designer Liz Turner. Bare Bones is a basics brand with a strong, clean silhouette and a minimalist aesthetic, ideal for trans-seasonal layering. Arc & Bow, on the other hand, offers seasonal items with textural and graphic characteristics that are distinctly feminine. Both appeal to the confident conscious consumer, complementing each other.

All garments are manufactured in Green Building-certified facilities in Thindal and Tirupur in India, with solid fair trade labour standards and using only with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton.  

The designer, who lives near the ocean in one of New Zealand’s popular holiday destinations, says her brands are consistently working towards ways to reduce the environmental impacts of manufacturing including waste reduction. Her fabrics all use non-AZO dyes, and their screen and block printing processes support artisanal traditions.  

sustainable fashion brands from New Zealand

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