The Dreamiest Ethical Spring Dresses Ever

Still feeling the winter blues? Just looking at these ethical spring dresses should cheer you up!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Are you at the end of your rope, being stuck inside for so long? Sick of wearing pants every day? Longing to float around femininely in a frock, rocking a pair of heels while you’re at it? Join the club, sister!

It’s time to shed our winter clothes and don something that makes us feel pretty – in short, a dress. Sure, there are frocks for all seasons, but ethical spring dresses really get me most excited. Why?

Well, first up – it’s incredible how sophisticated ethical fashion has become. While not long ago, serious fashionistas would turn to high end brands like Miu Miu, Temperley or Chloe for stunning, flowing dresses, today there’s a handful of sustainable and ethical designers whose work rivals even that of the bigger brands.

Secondly, spring dresses are not quite as light as summer dresses. Perhaps they’re comprised of a heavier fabric, or have a longer sleeve. Or maybe they’re even a knit. Basically, they’re ultra-versatile. You can choose to wear them with a boot, or a strappy sandal.

Happy Colours

Thirdly, spring dresses are vibrant – especially this season! And that’s a good thing for our minds. It’s well known that colour has an effect on our psychology, and each basic shade corresponds to a power that contributes to improving our mental state. Leonardo da Vinci said that the intensity of meditation is multiplied by ten under the effect of violet, so no wonder it’s often used in the windows of churches. Colour has the power to stimulate us, calm us, and promote vital energy. No wonder I find these ethical spring dresses below so cheering!

Finally, these dresses also date well. Hemlines do indeed change, but not from year to year. As you can see below, the maxi-to-midi length is still, after several years, considered fashionable. And since these sustainable luxury designers make clothes that are intended to last, you can rest assured that if you do invest in one of these frocks, you’ll be wearing it for years.

And if you don’t make that investment? Well, just look at these! Doesn’t it make you happy just to dream about wearing them? I know it works for me!

The Dreamiest Ethical Spring Dresses Ever

ethical spring dresses


One of our favourite AMUR collections is their resort wear, below. It was really hard to select with frocks to feature, since the entire line is so utterly enchanting! Designer Albino Riganello uses colour wonderfully this season: from peacock blues to ruby reds, this  ethical fashion collection is as vibrant and beautiful as spring itself. These are sophisticated dresses that are perfect for fancy dinners out with friends.

In case you didn’t already know, AMUR stands for ‘A Measured use of Resources’ and all materials are selected with the planet in mind, whether they’re organic or natural fibres such as silk or Tencel, which biodegrade easily, or reclaimed fibres that conserve existing resources.

ethical spring dressesethical spring dressesethical spring dressesethical spring dresses

Flor et. al

The Spring/Summer collection by Flor Et.Al seems as if it popped out of a children’s book, where cheeky sprites and heroic princesses battle for the salvation of the world! This contemporary New York label creates frilly, fantastically feminine clothing from a mix of materials, including recycled fabrics as well as silk. They also use digital printing for their prints, which reduces water waste, electricity consumption and the by-production of waste dyes.

The brand is ethically produced, too: they have partnered with the non-profit NEST, which provides artisans with steady work and an opportunity for them to continue their handcrafted traditions.

ethical spring dresses

ethical spring dresses ethical spring dresses


For this Spring, Reformation features some the most romantic collections you could imagine! The LA based label pays tribute to nature through its flowery patterns scattered onto eco friendly materials including Tencel, Refibra and recycled cotton. The brand is also well-known for upcycling deadstock fabric, and has recently used this material to create masks for health care workers in the front line of Coronavirus.

The Reformation woman is always proud to show off her feminine curves, and will love the sweetheart necklines, cut out midriffs and waist-cinching designs features this season. Reformation is also reflecting current catwalk trends with its focus on puffed sleeves and loads of frills.

ethical spring dresses ethical spring dresses

Mala Chetty

Planning a spring break? Mala Chetty’s light-as-air silk creations will feel feather-light in your suitcase! But not only that – these organically dyed dresses and kaftans will easily take you from walks on the beach to cocktails by the pool.

The ethical, Fair Trade certified brand is the brainchild of Dutch businesswoman Mala Chetty, who was inspired to launch a range of resort wear after she came across luscious silks whilst travelling through Vietnam. Today, Mala Chetty is dedicated to creating sustainable luxury fashion that helps female artisans earn a living, and retain Vietnamese artisanal traditions.

Her creations feature flattering silhouettes designed to keep you cool in the heat, and splashes of vibrant colour.

Mara Hoffman

If casual, boho chic is more your style, you’ll love Mara Hoffman’s dresses this spring. Everything by this much-loved American designer is not only vegan-friendly, but is also ethically made from sustainable materials like hemp, Tencel and organic cotton.

Her Spring/Summer 2020 collection is bang on trend, featuring the most popular styles for this year. These include midriff cutouts, bold floral patterns, and plenty of pure white. Hoffman’s loose, flowing pieces in delicately light fabrics will make you feel like a goddess whether you wear them on the beach or in the city!

ethical spring dresses

Benedetti Life

Winners of the Eluxe Awards 2020, Benedetti Life is a sustainable luxury brand that’s more Italian than pizza. The influences of iconic fashion houses such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada are seen not only in Benedetti Life’s vibrant patterns and attention to detail, but in their proudly ‘Made in Italy’ ethos.

Their ethical spring dresses for 2020 are for the bold, confidant, sporty woman. They feature deconstructed tennis sweater knits that effortlessly transform into unique evening wear; polo shirts that pair with splashy printed skirts, and elegant kaftans that are simply too sophisticated for the beach!

ethical spring dresses ethical spring dresses

Leanne Marshall

We all know that spring is the season for weddings, and whether you’re a guest or the bride, you’ll want to be dressed by Leanne Marshall.

The winner of Project Runway Season 5, the New York based designer has gained a reputation for creating bridal wear out of sustainable materials like organic cotton and silk organza. She uses zero waste techniques to make many of her gowns, and also offers a rather exciting ‘transformation’ service. This allows brides to transform the dresses they wore for their big day into something they can wear more frequently, but re-designing and dying those garments.

But you don’t need to be attending a wedding to wear one of her frocks – her RTW collection is perfect for holidays in Bali, Ibiza or the Maldives, or just for fancy dinners on the beach!

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