Genderless Beauty Brands For You…And Him

 These natural genderless beauty brands suit the skin types of all kinds of people. They’re all vegan friendly, too!

By Lora O’Brien

Sure, unisex fragrances have been available for some time, as has genderless clothing. But now, the beauty industry is giving genderless vegan beauty products a shot.

It seems there’s huge demand from both men and women for cruelty-free, clean beauty products. And the notion of über ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ packaging, fragrances and marketing is growing old. There can be no doubt: today is definitely the time for gender neutral beauty.

But what exactly does that mean? I hear you asking. Well, for us, it means beauty products that work on the skin and hair of all genders. Products whose scent isn’t clearly ‘girly’ or ‘boyish’. Products whose packaging doesn’t scream ‘male’ or ‘female’.

However, we’re not sure gender neutrality works for ALL products, though. For example? Men’s skin is generally thicker than women’s, and they shave their faces. Plus, men often have beauty concerns that women usually don’t, such as hair loss. But as with clothing, there are definitely some things that are better shared!

Here’s our list of the best, most natural genderless beauty products.

The Best Natural Unisex Beauty Brands To Try

1. Grown Alchemist

This Australian based natural genderless beauty brand is obsessed with delivering three things to all kinds of skins. Namely: collagen, elastin and hydration. While most people would assume those ingredients come from animals, Grown Alchemist does it all with plants.

These products generally have a light, citrusy scent that anyone’s would love. For example? Their Vanilla and Orange Peel hand cream smells practically edible. Plus, the fragrance isn’t too ‘girly’ or ‘masculine’. Just like the brand itself, the scent was designed to be gender neutral.

Using only the most sustainably gorgeous, minimalistic packaging, Grown Alchemist delivers its vegan, organically sourced skincare products around the world.

Types of products: Shampoo, conditioner, cream, serum, you name it

Price range: $$

natural genderless beauty


One of the best known natural genderless beauty brands has got to be AESOP.

With an impressive 28 years of history under its belt, this is an Australian skincare brand that has been smashing gender stereotypes for years now.

Aesop has developed a stylish yet simple packaging design that both men and women love. But that’s not all! Their unisex formulations highlight the power behind plant-based beauty products. Here, you’ll find everything from face washes and perfumes to travel-sized toiletries. Basically – this stuff works!

Types of products: Shampoo, perfume, hair masques, creams…loads of stuff!

Price range: $$

natural genderless beauty


3. African Botanics

African Botanics’ founders Craig and Julia Noik deliberately created a brand they could both use! Today, their natural genderless beauty brand sustainably sources its vegan ingredients from South Africa’s Fynbos region. This is a remote utopia for antioxidant-rich plants and natural resources. Perfect for supplying a beauty line!

Inspired by traditional African beauty rituals, African Botanics’ many face and body treatments are renowned for their healing, nourishing and therapeutic attributes. Another reason we love them is their minimalistic, recyclable packaging.

Types of products: High end skincare including serums, creams and balms

Price range: $$$

african botanics



Another amazing unisex beauty brand is Oskia. Founded by former food journalist Georgie Cleeve, OSKIA takes a nutritional approach to beautiful skin. Linking the combined benefits of minerals, vitamins, proteins and essential fatty acids, its products are formulated under the direction of internationally-recognised dermatologists.

In short, this natural genderless beauty brand was designed to work, be clean, and be sustainable. No wonder it constantly receives rave reviews from customers and beauty editors alike!

Types of products: Serums, face washes, creams, and more. There are even gradual tanning drops.

Price range: $$

oskia tan drops

5. One Ocean

The world’s seas hold some precious beauty secrets. And One Ocean Beauty knows exactly how to harvest them. Their formulas fuse high performance peptides with cutting-edge Blue Biotechnology, which is based on anti-aging marine actives.

All of their ingredients come sustainably from coasts as far reaching as France and Antarctica. These ocean plants work wonders  to boost the overall health and radiance of your skin.

Types of products: Creams, supplements, serums

Price range: $$


6. Le Labo

Cult New York-based brand Le Labo hand manufactures unique unisex scents composed by some of the world’s finest noses. Unfortunately those perfumes, while delicious-smelling, are not all natural. Nor are they vegan.

On the other hand, Le Labo’s skincare line is all of that! And the best part? They smell just as wonderful as the label’s perfumes. For example, in the skincare line, you’ll find products infused with mandarin, basil, sandalwood and other plant-based fragrances.

Types of products: Shampoo, cream, hand washes

Price range: $$

natural genderless beauty products

7. Votary

Formulated with a host of rejuvenating botanical ingredients, Votary’s luxurious, vegan friendly skincare range works to improve skin’s appearance and reduce signs of ageing, no matter what your gender.

Their chic, green glass apothecary bottles look great in the bathroom, sure. But they also ensure the organic ingredients inside don’t get damaged by sunlight. Yep, you guessed it: this natural genderless beauty brand features a lot of delicate, yet effective, plant-based oils.

Types of products: Eye oils, cleansing oils, lip balms

Price range: $$$

natural genderless beauty products

8. REN Clean Skincare

British based REN Clean Skincare caters to all skin types and all genders with its toxin-free range. Each product is formulated with 100% pure plant and mineral-derived extracts and ethically sourced oils – including Argan, Jojoba and Moroccan Rose Otto – to nourish and soothe your skin.

Types of products: Day cream, night cream, shower gel, sunblocks

Price range: $

natural genderless beauty products

9. Kahina Giving Beauty 

After being amazed by the benefits of Argan oil’s powerful antioxidant properties on her own skin, Kahina Giving Skincare’s founder, Katharine L’Heureux launched her natural genderless beauty brand. So, what was her aim? Well, to spread the benefits of this oil to all people of all genders.

Each of Kahina’s organic ingredients is ethically sourced from Moroccan cooperatives, supporting the Berber women who extract these incredible oils by hand.

Types of products: Cleansers, toners, eye creams, soaps

Price range: $$

natural genderless beauty products

10. Rahua

Sometimes, you just want a shampoo that beautifully cleans your hair without making you reek of synthetic ‘parfum’. And Rahua does that perfectly. Their 100% organic products have fast become cult beauty favourites for two main reasons.

First, they do wonders for your hair and skin. Secondly, they help protect the Amazon rainforest by incorporating sustainably sourced Rahua Amazonian nut oil into their products. This oil is highly prized by the Quechua-Shuar tribe as the secret to their thick, glossy hair.

Types of products: Shampoos, conditioners, body lotions and oils

Price range: $$


natural genderless beauty products


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