Vintage Trends Being Revived By Celebs

We’re going back to the future with these vintage trends that celebs are currently rocking!

By Lora O’Brien

When it comes to fashion, there is something to be said for raiding the wardrobe of your parents – or even grandparents! In fact, some of my favourite jeans and shirts have been found this way. And if there’s one thing I know about fashion it’s this: trends may come or go, but sooner or later, they’ll always come back.

That’s especially true today, since there are more of us focused on keeping our wardrobes sustainable. I’d go as far to say that shopping vintage has become a way of life. And what’s not to love? You’re buying clothes that already exist, while updating your wardrobe without funding the dire world of fast fashion.

It’s not just we ‘civilians’ that love updating our closets with blasts from the past – celebrities are doing it, too. Especially millennial celebs. That’s a great thing, because the power of their influence means when these women wear vintage looks, those then become vintage trends.

For example? We’ve found 10 super hot vintage trends – from bra tops to platforms – that have become covetable again, thanks to the power of celebrity social media.

10 Vintage Trends Being Revived By Celebs

1. Platform Shoes

Sure, heels are stunning. They elongate your legs and they can make you feel sexy and confident. But let’s be real – they’re not always comfortable. So one of the vintage trends being revived by celebs I think many of us will love to embrace is platform shoes!

This 70’s based trend isn’t just reserved for heels. Sneakers are also getting a little something extra, and the chunky sole not only adds height but comfort, too. It’s a great way to make your footwear the focal point of any outfit, and the extra height can create an illusion of confidence.

Image: @arianagrande on Instagram.

2. Double Denim

I’m sure we all remember when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake rocked their double denim ensembles together. Since then, the has received loads of backlash for being ‘basic.’ But guess what? Now ‘basic’ is back! Double denim is super on-trend today, with many celebs rocking it as well as over 260k people hashtagging it across IG.

You may love or hate this trend, but it’s one you’ll be seeing a lot more of this year and the next. Be a little daring by pairing your denim jacket with a denim skirt and some boots, or keep it cool and effortlessly chic with your go-to jeans and some loafers like Hailey Bieber. Want to shop vintage denim online? Click here!

Image: @haileybieber on Instagram.

double denim trend

3. Low-Rise Trousers

When it comes to jeans, there are currently sooo many vintage trends! High waisted, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans…and so on. But our faves? The low slung jeans from the 60s. Going way below the belly button and showing off a lot more skin, this trend can be worn with anything from a cropped tee to a thick sweater. A belt with a huge buckle compliments these trousers perfectly.

One celeb has been nailing this trend for some time now is supermodel Bella Hadid. Way before it was cool, Bella was wearing her trousers super low, showing off her tiny waist.

Image: @bellahadid on Instagram.

vintage trends being revived by celebs

4. Bra Tops

Ever put on lingerie that looked too good to hide? Well, now you can rock your underwear as outerwear. This daring trend is a little bold and won’t be for everyone. But if you want to create a powerful yet sexy look, go for it!

This is one of those vintage trends the Kardashian-Jenner family has really revived. There are many ways to style bra tops, too. Throw an oversized blazer over your bra, wear it under a sheer dress, or pair it with some high-waisted stone-washed jeans for a seriously 90s retro vibe.

Image: @kimkardashian on Instagram.

5. Cardigans

Jumpers and hoodies have long since taken over from the old-fashioned cardi. But it seems this is the year the cardigan is back, with a bang!

With so many varieties available, there’s a style for any look. I adore the micro cardigan, a.k.a. the cropped cardigan, which looks awesome over a tee. Or if you dare (and it’s warm enough), just pair yours with jeans. The collared cardigan is another chic option. Or, you can just keep it super chic and simple, like Sofia Richie. She’s given a new twist (literally) to the basic cardigan your nan would have loved!

Image: @sofarichie on Instagram.

vintage trends being revived by celebs

6. Faux Fur

In a world where you can pretty much wear anything, fur is that one thing that still gets people pretty angry, and rightly so! With so many brands offering cruelty-free alternatives, it’s a wonder anyone still wears fur at all. Some argue that wearing vintage fur is ok, because it’s recycling a garment. And that’s true. But why not recycle a faux fur, then?

Giving a luxurious vibe to any outfit, a faux fur jacket can elevate any look. We know that Gigi, below, is wearing a modern Burberry faux fur, but we love its vintage vibe!

Image: @gigihadid on Instagram.

7. Regencycore

If you’re a fan of Bridgeton, then you won’t be surprised to see this is one of the top vintage trends being revived by celebs. Wondering what Regencycore is? It’s pretty much fashion that wouldn’t be out of place in Jane Austen novels. It’s fun to see this trend juxtaposed with a modern twist. Think: corsets with jeans, gloves and dresses. It’s an antique vibe with a modern flair, as shown below by actress Sydney Sweeney.

Image: @sydney_sweeney on Instagram.

8. Bright Bags

Forget matching your bag to your outfit. This year is all about going back to the 80s and picking a bag that is truly going to pop! Bold hues such as orange, pink, yellow, green and electric blue are perfect for your accessories this year. The rainbow-bright trend harkens back to the Versace runways in the days when the supermodel reigned.

The best part about this trend is that pretty much every style goes. Whether you prefer a handbag, a backpack or are looking for a fanny pack for the festival season, you can flirt with this trend by adopting this rule: make sure it’s bold in colour and/or print.

Image: @dualipa on Instagram.

9. Mod Prints

Peace and love, man! If you adore 60s fashion, then mod prints are one of the vintage trends you’ve probably been waiting for. It oozes groovy vibes and is easily distinguishable thanks to the bold colours, stylish hemlines and out-there designs.

This trend works so well, and can easily be paired with some low-slung trousers or platforms!

Model Gigi Hadid shows us stylishly how to bring this vintage trend into a modern era.

Image: @gigihadid on Instagram.

10. Cutouts

In case you missed the memo: skin is in! And cut-out fashion is a huge trend right now. From cleverly placed cutouts on dresses, tops and even risky low-slung trousers, this style is all over celebrity IG feeds. The idea is to expose skin without being too revealing. Remember: a little of this 80’s vintage trend goes a long way!

We love how Megan Fox has paired 80s cut-outs with double denim for an effortless everyday look.

Image: @meganfox on Instagram.

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