Meet The World’s First 3D Printed Bra

The world’s first 3D printed bra has a biodegradable underwire that’s highly wearable…

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Increasing numbers of consumers are focused on the materials that our clothes, shoes and accessories are made of. And no wonder: a lot of typical materials can be toxic, as can the finishing chemicals that coat them. That’s bad news for your health, and that of the planet, and it’s especially true when that fabric is touching your most intimate parts.

It’s therefore utterly important for lingerie to be made out of organic materials. And if you’re wondering where to scout for your next ethical bra, we have the perfect brand for you!

Daylight is a new sustainable lingerie label that has designed the first 100% biodegradable, bioplastic underwire bra. It is comfortable and supportive and is made in a breathable fabric, since it uses bamboo silk, organic cotton and natural rubber. But the futuristic trait that truly makes Daylight stand out from any other lingerie label is the fact that its patent-pending technology has created the world’s first biodegradable underwire bra. This is important for a few reasons.

For one, metal wires under your boobs is possibly not a good idea. They can be too restrictive on the breast, and in some cases, they are so sharp, they can poke out of the material and into your girls! (fact: this has happened to me!)

Secondly, Daylight’s bras are ergonomically designed to allow major comfort to the wearer and it is encased in soft organic cotton, as well as in an innovative, easy-to-adjust bio-plastic clasp.

And finally, bioplastic underwire means zero waste.

Boob Boosting & Biodegradable

3D printed underwire bra

The UK brand was founded by friends, Aliss Oxley and Ellen Miller, who saw a gap in the market for sustainable yet stylish bras. As they explain: “We noticed that the sustainable bras on the market were often a crop-top style and never included underwire. We missed the flattering design of traditional bras and the support and shape that underwire provides. We wanted to create a range of lingerie that is comfortable, supportive, beautifully designed and completely biodegradable.”

Aliss and Ellen took matters into their own hands, and came up with the world’s first 3D printed bra with a biodegradable underwire. It’s lingerie that provides the perfect fit, no matter what your shape or size. The secret lies in Daylight’s U-shaped back and full band, that ensure maximum support and weight distribution whilst the partially lined cups provide coverage. All of this lends a delicate, silky feel around your bosom.

3D printed underwire bra

Get Support For Your Support

To allow Daylight to see the light of day, we must support its launch on Kickstarter! It begins on 20th April 2021 to crowdfund the production of the world’s first biodegradable underwire bra. The campaign will run for 60 days, with production taking place once campaign ends and delivery estimated within three months of end date. Daylight will be shipping across UK, Europe and North America, Australia and New Zealand. In other words, to most of the world!

For every bra purchased, supporters will also receive a complimentary wash bag to help you care for your item, and matching pants that will be available in a full knicker or thong option. What are you waiting for? Support Daylight, as it supports your silhouette – in the most conscious way possible.

For more information on the world’s first 3D printed bra, or to help support the project, please click here.


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