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10+ Vegan Nail Trends Rocking The Runways

These vegan nail trends rocked the runway…now let them rock your tips & toes!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Some women get manicures to show off their engagement rings. Others ensure their nails are on fleek for business meetings, when they’re exchanging business cards.

Me, I was looking to get my nails done after I bought a new vegan watch and wanted to showcase its beauty. But honestly, I’ve been a bit out of the loop when it comes to beauty trends, so I turned to the one place that’s on top of all things trendy: Instagram.

Here, I discovered a dizzying array of nail styles, mainly seen on models behind the scenes of the runways of fashion weeks around the world. As with clothing trends for this year, beauty trends are launched on the fashion week catwalks, too. And what we saw here this season is interesting: a trend for ‘stitch’ nails, plant based polishes, ‘stone’ shades of grey and blue, and more.

No matter what look you want to sport on your nails, be sure you’re using a polish that’s not only kind to the animals, but to your health, and the planet too! For example? we love 10+ Free Clean Nail Color, which features the newest breakthrough in nail innovation.  It’s a new plant based polish that’s 21-Free of harmful chemicals!

100% Vegan, it promises up to 10+days wear, and also provides a Nail-NRGY Bio-Peptide Complex™, a concentrated cellular energy boosting and revitalising serum to rehydrate, restore and strengthen your nails to significantly improve their appearance, while restoring health from the inside out. Of course, there are plenty of other vegan friendly varnishes too, which we mention below. But….21 free! Whoa, right?

Here are 10+ of the best vegan nail trends I found for this year (and incidentally, I ended up going for a rock hued polish, since it matched the black and silver motif of my watch).

Vegan Nail Trends That Rocked The Runways

1. Buttercup Yellow

Whether it was in New York, London, Paris or Milan, buttercup hues were huge on the runways for many designers this season. Vegan varnish brand Kure Bazaar’s ‘Saffron’ is the perfect shade to try. Another good choice is Charme by 9-free brand Jin Soon nails. This was the shade chosen for the Phillip Lim catwalk, below, and as you can see, it really stands out against darker hair, skin and makeup.

Image: @jinsoon on Instagram

2. Stone Hues

10+Free Clean Nail Color joined Nail Artist Ashanti Newman for Noon By Noor’s Autumn/Winter 2020 fashion show to create looks that really rocked! That is to say, all the vegan nail trends on this runway were created to imitate the natural colours of rocks and stones. Our favourite hue was Moon Rocks, which is an indigo charcoal grey crème shade that brings an elegant touch to any outfit.

Image: @Noonbynoor

vegan nail trends

3. Minimalist Accents

From tiny, painted dots to subtle crystal stick-ons, nails are getting accented – but subtly. The secret here is to add a tiny touch of something special, not to overdo it. It’s a look that’s clean, classy, and…catwalky! (is that a word?!) No wonder it was seen on several catwalks, including those at Paula Knorr and Petar Petrov. It’s easy to get this look: start with a base coat of something pretty and neutral, like Smith & Cult’s delicate Mail Order Bride, then top with dots of something dramatic, like Black Rose by Kester Black.

Image: @chrysanthi.gkliaou on Instagram

vegan nail trends

4. Pastel French Manis

The easiest way to update a French manicure? Just change the white tips to an equally soft colour! Pastel hues are a great way to go. Think cotton candy, butter yellow, mint green, or periwinkle blue. For the Sandy Liang Fall Winter 2020 show, Nail Artist Holly Falcone recreated the classic French manicure with a modern twist using 10+Free Clean Nail Color in Moonbeam, paired with Smooth Sailing, a gorgeous pastel blue cream, as seen below. Bitter Cashmere Daydream by Smith & Cult is another beautiful blue pastel to try.

5. Stitch Polish Designs

As mentioned above, minimalist accents were seen all over the runways, and one of our favourite takes on this was a kind of stitch pattern that was seen at the PRISCAvera runway at New York Fashion Week. Created by Nail Artist Holly Falcone, this is an easy look to do yourself: just use a light base coat like Moonbeam by 10+ Free Nail Color, and add the darker shade of your choice in a tiny ‘stitch’ pattern. We love Black Rose by Kester Black.

vegan nail trends

6. Foils and Metallics

Silver matches everything, and this nail look is pretty much a classic. To get the look, I’d recommend the PETA approved brand Heroine NYC. It’s 9-free, of course, and if you’re not into a full on foil mani, it can be used to accent other looks, like an animal print, or you can add a dab to a matte varnish to give it a metallic tinge. This look was a huge hit on Julian Macdonald and Rodarte’s shows.

Image: Rodarte

vegan nail trends

7. Animal Prints

This trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, not only for this year, but for the whole decade. Animal prints are super popular, and are pretty fancy! But also pretty cool. Honestly, I’d have NO idea how to do this myself, but you can see a tutorial here. The first step, of course, would be to get your polishes – you’ll need a gold, like Mixed Message by Treat Collection, and a black, like NCLA’s Back to Black. I love how this look combines the trend for animal prints with the trend for metallics.

Image: Essie

8. Power Pinks

Nail Artist Holly Falcone used a wonderful power pink hue by 10 Free called Zinnia on the PRISCAvera runway. This is a vivid fuchsia crème with full opaque coverage that reminds me of tulips. It’s the perfect colour for spring, and it’s a chic alternative to the classic red nail, and this is definitely one of the easiest vegan nail trends to achieve!

9. Rich Brownish Reds

Black nails themselves scream one thing: Goth! If you like your nails dark, but don’t quite want to look like a 14 year old Emo fan, this ‘Lovers Creep‘ shade by Smith & Cult looks nearly black in some light, or deep, deep merlot in others.

vegan nail trends

10. Micro French Manis

Long, sharp, white French mani tips are soooo 80’s. Byeee! Say hello instead to the micro French mani – in other words, the French mani for short nails. It’s super elegant and easy to do. Grab the base coat of your choice, then top with Karma Hues French White on the tips. Done!

Image: @wizaspl on Instagram

vegan nail trends

11. Mixed Messages

Having the same look on every nail used to be the norm…if not the goal! Manicurists used to try to get an evenly homogenous look for each finger. But no more! Let your creativity go unleashed as you paint a new colour or design on each nail. Catwalk nail expert Betina Goldstein created this gorgeous, slightly irregular look, below, for example. What would you do?

Image: @betina_goldstein on Instagram

vegan nail trends

12. Double French Manis

As you may have guessed by now, variations on the French mani are hot! You can go short, you can go pastel, or you can double your fun by tracing a line of colour not only on the tip, but over the moon on your nail bed, too. Once again, expert Betina Goldstein gets it right with her glittery variation, below. Just use a pink hued base coat, and top it with something uber-sparkly, like Smith & Cult’s A Little Lovely.

Image: @betina_goldstein on Instagram

vegan nail trends

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