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20 Vegan Beauty Must Haves

By Jenna Catherine
Step aside Lancôme, L’Oreal, Olay and Estée Lauder – cruelty free beauty products are on the rise!
After learning that some of their favourite beauty brands are not only being tested on animals around the world but even sometimes contain hidden animal ingredients, women are now turning to vegan brands.

If you’re not familiar with the term, vegan beauty simply refers to brands that are free from honey, beeswax, lanolin, collagen, albumen, shark squaline, carmine, cholesterol, gelatin and other animal derived ingredients – and of course, vegan products are never animal tested. It doesn’t seem like much to ask, but you’d be surprised at how ‘non’ vegan most mainstream beauty products are! As an added bonus, many vegan brands are also organic and halal. What could be better than that?


Today, it’s pretty easy to find vegan brands thank to the Vegan Society stamp of approval or the Leaping Bunny symbol. In my video below, I talk about 5 vegan products I love: Root Pretty Eye Love You Nourishing Eye Cream, FitGlow Beauty Redness Rescue Cream, Blissoma Mild Rice Facial Cleanser, The Body Deli Rose Absolute Facial Mist and Skin Dressing Skin Serum. But as a bona fide beauty fanatic, of course I have many more faves to add to that list, but it would make for an awfully long video! So after you watch, I’ve provided a list of some of my top vegan skincare must haves – products I’ve tried and loved, and am sure you will, too!


My Top Vegan Beauty Must Haves

Ecco Bella Flower Color Mascara

It’s hard to find a waterproof mascara in the world of natural beauty (because the main ingredient in most of them is basically some form of plastic!) but this beauty by Ecco Bella is as close as you’ll get. It’s water resistant (not quite proof though) and of course is free of all nasty chemicals – especially important for those with sensitive eyes.


Kensington Apothecary Organic Rosewater Tonic 

Sugar Cane, Bilberry and Citrus Extracts combine to gently dissolve the outer layer of dead skin, revealing the fresh younger skin beneath without stressing your skin out. Calming and healing Rose combines with pH balancing Aloe Vera to soothe. Smells wonderful, and is perfect for all skin types.


OSEA Malibu Skin Cream

Throw out your chemical laden Creme de la Mer and use this equally effective and far less toxic Advanced Protection Skin Cream instead! Using the power of natural, vegan friendly sea ingredients, regular use will reduce fine lines and hyperpigmentation. A perfect skin cream for anyone who is fighting early signs of ageing. Apparently one of Gwyneth Paltrow’s top picks.


Oskia Skincare

This is probably one of the best vegan brands out there. No wonder it’s a huge cult (and Eluxe) favourite! It’s hard to choose just one product I love, but if I must, it will be the Renaissance Cleansing Gel. Packed with vitamins and nutrients, it also contains pumpkin enzymes to deep clean skin and blast dirt from pores – the enzymes quickly dissolve grime that binds dead cells to the skin’s surface. The star ingredient may well be Oskia’s signature MSM (the most bio-available form of Sulphur) which detoxifies, soothes and reduces redness.


Dr Hauschka Eye Shadows

These certified organic hues are long lasting and richly pigmented. I also love the slick compact they come in!


Pacifica Body Creams

It’s hard to choose just one favourite product from this brand because they do scents so well! I adore the lilac body cream in summer – it really does smell like fresh bushels of lilacs! But blood orange is possibly even a bit better, thanks to its bright raspberry and strawberry notes. Botanical ingredients including shea and mango butters, blend with chamomile extract, safflower, almond and essential oils to soften and protect the skin.


Green People Sunscreen

Everyone needs a good sunscreen. But how can you be sure yours is cruelty-free? Green People guarantee none of their products are tested on animals – nor do they contain animal ingredients. This SPF25, all natural sun lotion is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin or even for those prone to eczema.



W3LL People Bio Brightener

Kiss your dull complexion goodbye with this ultra fine powder, which gives you a totally undetectable skin boost. Fine lines are blurred and your skin’s flaws are  softened. And the best thing? You don’t need to worry about finding the right shade: this baby is in one universal shade that adapts to complement all skin tones.


Dr Alkaitis Day Cream

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Day Cream is a holistic, light moisturiser designed to repair, heal and protect skin against daily environmental damage whilst stimulating the oxygen supply to the skin’s surface, increasing luminosity. The perfect product for those living in big cities and is effective on those with skin problems such as eczema, adult acne or people who simply want to cut chemicals from their grooming regimes. As an added bonus, the cream offers natural sun protection, too.


Kimberley Sayer Day Cream

Another great day cream, but this time with SPF. It works on dry, sensitive or normal skin, and is rich in live organic extracts, anti-oxidants and organic sunscreens to help protect against free radical damage and aging. Contains anti-oxidant Beech Bud Extract which seeks out damaged cells deep within the skin to heal and repair.



HIRO Cosmetics

Look at all those shades! Eye shadows, blushers, bronzers and foundations – HIRO does it all, and does it in a vegan friendly way – fish scales or crushed insects in these!


Rahua Shampoo

This 100% natural, organic shampoo uses rahua oil to fortify weak, damaged strands while nourishing and regenerating the scalp and hair follicles. Palo Santo offers a delicate fragrance– providing a soothing aromatherapy experience while shampooing.


Pai Hand Cream

Pai is a wonderful brand – gentle, rich in antioxidants and nutrients, and packaged beautifully. This hand cream boasts Fragonia oil, which has anti-inflammatory properties; Sea Buckthorn, which has a rare Omega-7 which helps cell regeneration, as well as plenty of vitamin C rich Rosehip extract.


Dr Bronner’s Soaps

There are as many reasons to love Dr Bronner’s Soaps as there are uses for their products. You can use this product as a laundry soap, hand soap, shaving cream, shampoo or even a household cleaner when diluted. It’s so natural, it can even be used when bathing in pure streams and lakes – why would you want to pollute our waterways with the residue of other soaps that aren’t this clean?


ILIA Bang Bang Lipstick

This Leaping-Bunny certified brand creates a range of the most lusciously coloured lipsticks, none of which contain any animal ingredients or nasty chemicals. I love Bang Bang for its rich redness, which lasts and lasts…!


Stop the Water While Using Me!

This unusually named brand has it all: gentle, cruelty-free, all natural, and completely on-message with an eco friendly lifestyle. The brand allows for refilling of its containers, and of course the packaging offers a gentle reminder about saving water. There are so many products I love, it’s hard to choose just one, but if I had to, it would be the cucumber lime hand balm–it smells like a summer’s day!


Of course this list is merely scratching the surface of luxury vegan skincare. Do you have a favourite vegan skincare product? Please join the discussion in the comments section below.

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    Tropic Skin Care is gorgeous – smells divine, beautiful packaging, vegan & cruelty free and has some real miracle products!

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