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Pharrell Williams Gets Crafty

By Chere Di Boscio

It’s official: Eluxe has a new favourite YouTube channel: Club Chrissie! The crazy, fun NYC based hostess entertains a plethora of friends from her living room, PeeWee Herman style, with kitchy furniture friends (Pidgy and Handy) assisting each episode.

And what friends she has! Here, the adorable Pharrell Williams, who Β happens to be the Β Executive Producer of this cute little show, adds to his sustainability credits by not only demonstrating his DIY job on his shoes, but but getting crafty with Chrissie. The duo set out to make customised cords that keep your earbuds from tangling and talk us through every step, so we at home can follow suit. It’s a genius idea: no more struggling with knots at the gym–and easy to do

Watch, learn and laugh–and then stay tuned to Club Chrissie’s other shows. From Charlotte Ronson to Pamela Love, you never know which new, cool guest will come knocking on her door…

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