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Advertising…or Rainforests? Tell Coke What You Think

By Arwa Lodhi

I’d like to Β teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony…”

So went an iconic Coke commercial, made in the late 70s. The vibe was all about global harmony, unity and peace. Yet since then, Coke’s record for achieving these noble goals has been abysmal: the company lobbies for GMO crops and against consumer’s right to know that they’re eating GMOs; uses water to make their product in areas where potable water is scarce and people go thirsty; oppresses workers who fight for union rights, and of course makes a product that’s far from healthy.

One group has an idea that could make Coke a little less evil, though–the Buy the World a Hope Movement is trying to get Coke to nix its advertising budget–which is in the billions–for one year, and use the money instead to buy a protected chunk of rainforest instead. It’s a great, simple idea, and could amount to the best ‘advertising’ campaign Coke ever did.

Want to get involved? Check out this video, then sign the petition, here. Simple!

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