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Klein’s Camp: Tanzania, And Beyond

By Electra Gillies

From the stunning Serengeti to the sweeping shores of Zanzibar and the surrounding islands, Tanzania is the perfect destination for those seeking anything from a relaxing beach holiday to an unforgettable adventure in nature.


We began our holiday approaching an  airfield that was as far from any European airport imaginable–this one was covered with grazing zebras and gazelles, which ran out of the way as the plane descended into our destination: Klein’s Camp.


Klein’s Camp is a sophisticated and secluded enclave hidden the vast Serengeti Plains of Tanzania. Meaning ‘endless plains’ in Maasai, the Serengeti is home  to some of the best game viewing in the world–especially its famed lions.


Due to its density of wildlife, the Serengeti is part of one of the world’s largest conservation areas that is also made up of the neighbouring Ngorogoro Crater area and the Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya, allowing the free movement of wild animals within their natural migration areas.


Sweeping views of the Serengeti and all its furry inhabitants are unrivalled from this incredible camp, set high in the plains of Tanzania.  Klein’s Camp is part of the And Beyond Safaris group, which is dedicated to sustainability to the environment and its people through their Africa Foundation.


Klein’s guides are highly trained locals who impart a wealth of knowledge about the ecology, birds, animals and habitats of all the different species that dwell in the reserve, from the monochrome zebras mingling with the statuesque giraffes, to grazing gazelle, trotting wildebeest herds and agile elephants. Quietly, unexpectedly, we spot the King of the plains: an immensely maned lion, surrounded by a proud harem of females soaking up the sunlight.


Awestruck, we retreated to reflect on the sights of the day at one of ten  thatched cottages built in traditional stone with tasteful and comfortable interiors. Soft cream linens and sumptuous soft beds add touches of luxury, and a subdued colonial theme is carried throughout the camp.

The main dining room and bar area is understated yet glamorous, with the most incredible vista across the never-ending plains of Africa. When nights falls, fires are lit and gastronomic delights are served indoors, or even outdoors on candle-lit linened tables if requested, with the distant sounds of the game adding a mysterious touch. Later on, local Maasai further fascinated us with dances and stories of these great grasslands and all their wonders, which we feel very lucky to have witnessed first hand.


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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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