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Ma Vie en Verte: Laura Eastwood

By Andrea Feick

Laura Eastwood is an actress, model and producer who married Clint’s jazz-musician son, Kyle, in 1991, with whom she has a daughter. Now divorced, her most recently produced film is called In God We Trust, about the Bernie Madoff scandal. The film debuted with much fanfare at the Tribeca Film Festival this May.

Here, Laura tells Eluxe why Mariel Hemmingway inspires her, why finding fuel in Paris was tough, and why she’d rather take the train.

Do you use any organic beauty products?

Yes. Nuxe (a French brand), plus a homemade mask of organic honey, avocados and milk.


Photo: Ellen Von Unwerth

What’s your favorite place to be in nature?

Anywhere near the Coral Reefs, which continuously need protection. I also love being in the forest.

Which celeb eco-advocate do you most admire and why?

Mariel Hemmingway for her absolute authenticity and  commitment to nature. I’ve known her for 17 years, and I can tell you she is a real inspiration, from her  homeopathic practice to her personal farm fresh foods;  even her chickens eat organic fruit and grains!

I also admire Leo DiCaprio, who began a foundation in 1998 that works on humanitarian and environmental issues  through giving grants to NGOs that are focusing on wildlife and habitat  preservation, healthy oceans, water access, climate  change and disaster relief, to name a few good causes.

What’s the biggest gesture you’ve ever made to  be ‘greener’

They say the first step is the most important.  In 1987 I purchased an unleaded car while living in Paris  when there were only three gas stations that sold unleaded fuel. Four  years later, I invested in the first hybrid automobile company.

 What’s your biggest eco ‘sin’?

Plastic water bottles!


What’s your favorite eco-travel destination?

Baros! in the Maldives

Which sustainable-fashion brands do you like?

That’s a hard question because I adore fashion.  I buy 100% cashmere, organic cotton, and silks.  You know I have to applaud H&M for their “Conscious”  collection. Dresses and clothing made from sustainable  materials.

Image: Bali Cogerino

Image: Bali Cogerino

 What do you think governments need to prioritise to help  save the environment?

In my country, train travel needs to be upgraded so that more people use it instead of taking private cars. I would love nothing more than taking a TGV across America!

(They government should also) lower the price of solar  paneling and develop new designs and home installations. They should promote any and all “green” construction, also make improvements to  existing buildings by rewarding these with large state  and federal tax incentives.

Main image:    Jean Marc Scialom

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