La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival Goes Eco

By Diane Small
We all love fashion of course (or you wouldn’t be reading Eluxe!) and most people love film, too. So it’s no wonder that the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival keeps growing in popularity, year on year.


Showcasing some of the world’s best talent, the LJIFFF regularly awards prizes to the best makeup, direction, acting, costume design,  hairstyling, and other important categories in the industry, but now a new one has been added: Best Film for a Sustainable Brand. This new category reflects a growing concern for the impact of fashion on the planet, and the difference the industry is trying to make by reducing its overall impact. But it also reflects the fact that LJIFFF has recently paired up with the United Nations Ethical Fashion Initiative to draw more attention to the relationship between fashion consumption and the effects it has on the planet.
The 2015 cycle will feature the work of one of our favourite ethical designers, Stella Jean, as well as an array of other talented brands and artists. Previous cycles have seen retrospective films from the likes of Karl Lagerfeld  and Bruce Weber.  Eluxe met up with the organiser of the Festival, Fred Sweet, to discuss the LJIFFF’s move towards a greener future.
What spurred the partnership with the  UN’s EFI and LJIFFF?
We were looking for an official cause partner that fit our core beliefs and mission statement. When we came across what the EFI was doing it just seemed a perfect fit. Their goal is to empower  artisan communities while our goal in La Jolla is to empower creative professionals worldwide to live better more independent lives. And it is all connected by the world of fashion. I don’t think we could have invented a better partner–we are so thrilled to be working with them! Last year’s La Jolla seminar with Simone Cipriani,  head & founder of the Ethical Fashion Initiative, was packed with filmmakers and fashion designers so we are getting the message out.
What can we expect to see as a result of this partnership?
I hope by showcasing some of the work and films that the EFI is producing to our global audience in La Jolla, people will get excited and want to help and participate in the programs EFI offers fashion brands and designers. With the planet’s population moving toward a more global consciousness that we are all in this together, a partnership like ours with the EFI can only help bring more awareness of the problems, and solutions ahead of us.
The festival keeps growing, year on year. What other changes are coming up for 2015?
La Jolla has always had a goal to be on the edge. To see new trends and give the creative professionals involved in fashion and film the opportunity to have their work seen and recognised. This coming year is no different. We are going to be having more “immersive” and “experiential” events and activities. We want our guest to be involved and engaged with us, simply attending a film festival is not good enough anymore. The new global creative community that has formed around La Jolla has grown each year and the guest list for 2015 is looking pretty awesome. La Jolla will always be about a new film genre, a new creative community, and fabulous energy, I hope that never changes!
To see previous winners of the LJIFFF, watch the videos below.


Diane Small

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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