Ma Vie en Verte: Hannah Jones of ANTM

Half the fun of watching America’s Next Top Model is finding that one girl you like and rooting for her to make it to the finals. In ANTM Cycle 16, for us, that girl was Hannah Jones.

Sweetly innocent, tall and blonde, the Texas native was always friendly, hardworking, and flexible, transforming herself from the girl-next-door to an Amazonian seductress with the click of a camera.

Hannah participated in one of ANTM’s most eco-aware shoots, wearing Michael Cinco couture created from rubbish, shot atop a garbage dump. As she explains to Eluxe in this exclusive interview, it was an experience that really opened her eyes…


Where is your favourite place to be in nature?

Laying on a tree branch, at the top of a canyon, near a creek in a verdant forest shaded by the canopy of tall trees.  

What’s your earliest memory of the natural world?

Picking frozen leaves off of a bush in my backyard after an abnormal freeze fell over Houston in the early 90’s.  

What things do you do to help support the planet?

I acknowledge the planet’s presence as a living organism.  


What’s your greatest eco ‘sin’?

Not doing more to recycle, reuse or reduce nonperishable materials such as glass, plastic and aluminum.  

What did you learn from doing that shoot with Michael Cinco’s eco-friendly dresses in the rubbish dump?

I realised that there is way more trash covering the face of our earth than imagined. Being surrounded by waste and toxic debris made me wonder: if we don’t rapidly decrease our production of finite materials, what type of environment will we leave for future generations to live in?  


What causes do you support, if any?

I support the help of NAMI (The National Alliance for Mental Illness) as well as Houston’s efforts to be a more self-sustainable, eco-aware community.  

Which eco-advocates do you most look up to?  

I admire my mother, Kathryn Jost, and her selfless actions to spread the importance environmental awareness. She raised me to always think first before consuming and disposing of nonperishable materials. My mom also brings the idea of health and sustainability to medicine and nutrition by finding homeopathic, non-invasive, chemical free solutions to healing and strengthening the body.

I also appreciate the ideas of Ralph Waldo Emerson, who spoke of the importance of harmony between humans and the natural world.


How would you advise people to get more eco-friendly?

We can be more eco-friendly by biking or walking to the closest farmer’s markets, carrying our organic produce in reusable bags, and being proactive about ways to save the planet from further disposable of harmful chemicals, toxins and other man-made materials. We can carpool as well as share or trade other resources among one another such as clothes, services, appliances and furniture.  

Which are some of your favourite eco-friendly fashion brands?

I like because the site consists mainly of fashionable, eco-friendly brands. There you can find a couple of my favourites: Antiform and Goodone. is another great site to find sustainable goods in a number of categories. I also really like the idea behind Hiut Denim. Each pair of jeans comes with a HistoryTag that the owner can upload stories and images from his own personal journey. As the durable denim pants travel from one owner to the next, the adventure continues and can be tracked using the unique HistoryTag account.  


If you were President, what would you do to help save the planet?

Give everyone a 90 ounce canteen with their name on it. Ask that every business offer water to their customers. Tax stores and factories for using plastic or paper. Require every school to educate students on proper nutrition, sustainable methods of living, as well as consumption and disposal of materials. Give incentives such as health care or tax cuts to those who actively reduce their own carbon footprint. Award innovative thinkers (such as scientists, architects, artists, and writers) who introduce new discoveries to make living a sustainable lifestyle possible for everyone.  

I think it is also important to designate time to appreciating the planet and all that it offers. By giving thanks and counting the ways that we are able to survive because of gifts granted by the earth, we can be more aware of everything we have to lose if we stop caring.  


Follow Hannah on Twitter @hannahdolljones or on YouTube  to see her in action.

Top two photos: courtesy ANTM. Other photography by Daria Skripka and Daniel Stover, Brooklyn. Styling by Christina Sulpizio. Hair by Jonathan Rockleff and make-up by Sasha Safdiah. Handmade jewellery by Hilary Park and Little World Designs.

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