WIN 1 Of 3 Pairs of Leggings By Coverleg

It’s an unfortunate fact since they’re mainly created from petroleum based fabrics, most exercise gear is far from sustainable. But one brand is changing that: Coverleg.

The fabric of their eco leggings is derived from industrial waste and knitted to deliver the same quality and performance of virgin yarns . In this way, it’s possible to reduce the environmental impact and prevent the releases of harmful substances to human health. Their production process is guaranteed by Green soul to be fully eco friendly, and the brilliant colours used by the brand are created via non toxic, water based paints. No chemical fixings or additional finishings are used to create Coverleg’s patterns.

100% made in Italy, Coverleg offers an array of brilliant designs that fit most sized bodies. The leggings are perfect for yoga, dance, or Pilates classes, as well as simply hanging out at the weekend.

To win 1 of 3 pairs of Coverleg leggings in various styles, just fill in the form below!

Competition ended March 1st 2017. Congrats to Tima Hora, Jane Packard and Victoria Bourne!

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