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Vegan Power! ForAnima

By Maya Shea Penn

Sarit Shmulevitz wasn’t always a vegan, but even at the age of 7, she knew she wanted to do something good for animals, children and the planet.



As she grew older, she wasn’t exactly sure how to best do that, but she was pretty sure she needed to equip herself with both business and law degrees in order to make the biggest impact.


She worked on Wall Street for many years, and soaked up everything she could about how successful businesses were run so she could bring back her experience, contacts, and skills to help her cause.

She did so well that in 2012, Sarit was selected as a New York Rising Star by SuperLawyers, but decided that the time had come for her to live her dream of giving back.  She formed a team and created what she had always dreamed of doing: forAnima.


forAnima is a labor of love. Its fundamental concept is to empower consumers to vote with their dollars for products that are Earth and animal-friendly, as well as healthy and natural.  The company is also driven by the ability to create a springboard for smaller companies with terrific products.


The eco-vegan, on-line marketplace based in New York City is the perfect website for buyers seeking healthy, natural, sustainable vegan products, and who may also be interested in the socially-conscious sellers who make them: producers are encouraged tell their story so you can actually get to know the people behind the brands.

Participating sellers include clothing brands for men, women and children; cruelty and chemical free beauty labels (including an Eluxe fave, Tilth Beauty), vegan shoe and bag brands and gourmet vegan chefs. All sellers are also required to carefully label their products so you know where the products were made, by whom, and what is in them. 

From delicious vegan human treats and to pet food, from cruelty-free shoes and bags to vegan, forAnima has a lot to offer, and is certainly worth checking out for anyone who cares about the planet, animals, and of course, their own health, too.


Maya Shea Penn is a 13 year old power blogger, clothing designer and wonderkid. Follow her on Twitter: @Mayasideasshop |

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