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25 Perfect Vegan Cookie Recipes for Christmas

By Lora O’Brien

As Christmas approaches, we’re sure you’ve been tossing and turning at night, wondering: ‘Which kind of cookie should I leave out for Santa?’. It’s quite a dilemma. Leave the wrong type, and he may not leave any presents at all. Buy something packaged from Walmart or Tesco, and you may find that your next Christmas present comes from there, too. Is the big guy vegan? Vegetarian? Diabetic? In any case,  it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to leave something out that’s a bit healthier, so long as it’s tasty.

Here, I’ve found the most creative, diverse and tasty range of cookies out there on the net to bring to you. Most are gluten free and/or 100% vegan, but should there be the odd one requiring butter, remember you can easily sub in coconut oil (the kind that hardens at room temperature) and an extra pinch of salt. In any case, making a batch of any of these 25 Vegan Cookie Recipes is sure to guarantee you extra ‘nice’ points on Santa’s list!

1.  Raw Vegan Christmas Cookies

These gorgeous cinnamon  star cookies are taken from a German recipe, and best of all – there’s no baking! They’re quick and easy to whip up, and are  made from healthy foods like dried apple, hazelnuts and cinnamon, and then glazed with a coconut based frosting. These look truly fabulous and taste even better. Who said being vegan meant missing out?

Get the recipe here.


2.  Rudolph Reindeer Cookies

How insanely adorable are these? I  know a lot of people make cookies over the festive period with children; it’s practically tradition for some. These are  super fun for kids to decorate, guaranteeing some holiday fun before the presents are opened.  The perfect gift to leave on that plate for Santa the night before Christmas, but why not leave a few extra out for the reindeer, too?  It’s kind of their version of ‘gingerbread men’.

Get the recipe here.


3.  Mint Chocolate Chip Vegan Macarons

Macarons are one of my favourite sweet treats. They just look so incredibly fancy, you feel super special when eating them. I love the crunchy outside and the incredibly soft, chewy inside. They just work so well together. And the fact that these are mint chocolate chip have gotten me very excited – I LOVE mint choc!

Get the recipe here.


4. Christmas Light  Cookies

How wonderful are these? They’re definitely one of my favourite cookie designs this season.  Make a batch of these and weave some string through them before baking, and you’ve got some instant decorations for the tree that you can also eat afterwards.  Thinking the sprinkles aren’t the healthiest thing? No problem: stud these with finely chopped cranberries or preserved lime and orange peel instead.

Get the recipe here.


5. Crispy Gingerbread Cookies

Why do gingerbread cookies always remind us of Christmas? I simply adore the bite of ginger in a cookie – even when I eat so many my mouth turns into a tiny little furnace! Enjoy a plate of these with some warm almond milk this season, or one of our festive drink recipes.

Get the recipe here.


6. Salty & Sweet Toffee  Cookies

Not sure about you, but I’m salivating just looking at this photo. It has every attribute that makes the perfect cookie; soft, chewy outside with a smearing of chocolate and candied nuts sprinkled on top. Not to mention the salty/sweet combo is one of pure genius. Serve these up with a festive napkin and I can guarantee that you’ll have family members secretly rooting through your recycling bins searching for a package, unconvinced you really did make  them yourself.

Get the recipe here.


7. Christmas Tree  Cookies

These festive tree cookies may look like the iced cookies from your childhood, but these have a modern twist: they are both gluten free and vegan. Amazing! Who doesn’t enjoy icing and decorating Christmas shaped cookies? This  enjoyable family treat can also become a family activity when the whole clan contributes their artistic touch..

Get the recipe here.


8.  Chewy Gingerbread Cookies  

The only thing better than a gingerbread cookie is a warm  chewy gingerbread cookie. And guess what? These get their soft gooey centre from – sweet potatoes! I  know, right? Cookies that are also part of your five a day, does life get any better?

Get the recipe here.


9.  Frosted Eggnog Cookies

Frosted. Eggnog. Cookies. Just saying those words make me happy! And guess what these go perfectly well with? No prizes for guessing eggnog – or an eggnog latte. Or, y’know, both.

Get the recipe here.


10.  Citrus Spiced Cookies

Nothing  smells more festive at Christmas than spiced fruits, and these easy-to-make cookies are the perfect recipe to bring a little bit of that spiced fruit scent into your kitchen this Christmas.

Get the recipe here.


11.  Healthier Sugar Cookies

Whether you’re vegan or not, there’s no escaping  the fact sometimes you just want to sit and polish off a whole plate of cookies. And when they’re soft, buttery and smeared in frosting, who can even gauge where their self restraint will stop? Whether you’re looking to  make a healthier sugar cookie, or just looking to cut back on the calories from the traditional sugar laden recipe, get creative in the kitchen making these bright cookies. I won’t judge if they’re gone before your guests arrive.

Get the recipe here.


12. Strawberry & Walnut  Thumb Print Cookies

Thumbprint biscuits are one of the best types of cookies, and I should know – I’m a massive cookie fiend. These have a delicious  almond base and then they’re dolloped with  gooey jam. But the real bite comes from the pieces of pecan and walnuts. Divine!

Get the recipe here.


13. Vegan  Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

They’re not especially Christmassy, and the name is as much of a mouthful as the cookie! But my sweet heavens, look at these, will you? Crunchy on the outside, melty  on the inside…and no one would ever guess the main ingredient is…chickpeas! Best serve these hot and gooey.

Get the recipe here.


14. Chocolate Lace Cookies

Have you ever seen a cookie look so tempting? These chocolate cookies contain no flour whatsoever, and are also gluten free. They’re packed with almonds and get their gooey texture  from the dates.

Get the recipe here.


15.  Cinnamon Roll Cookies

There’s something soooo heavenly about cinnamon based foods. And as it’s getting nearer to Christmas it feels almost obligatory to feast upon something cinnamon based all in the name of festive cheer! These are small enough that you can scoop three into a napkin and not be outed, but the recipe makes just enough so you can share. It IS Christmas, after all.

Get the recipe here.

cinnamon roll cookies1

16.  Toasted Pumpkin Seed Lace Cookies

These lace cookies are the perfect  recipe to serve up when having guests round this Christmas.  These go especially well with a nice Christmas coffee after dinner. They’re light, crisp and seriously good!

Get the recipe here.


17.  No Bake Vegan Snowballs

As if the name  didn’t sell it to you enough, allow me to elaborate: no cooking, hurrah! These little snowballs are not only vegan, but they don’t even need baking. Which means you could even wake up Christmas morning and whip up a batch before your guests arrive, and you won’t have to hover round the oven to prevent the tragedy  of burnt cookies  from happening.  These get extra points for looking like little snowballs. Children are going to love these!

Get the recipe here.


18.  Hot Cocoa Snickerdoodles  

The secret behind a successful snickerdoodle is that it will melt in your mouth and have you believing you’re drinking the creamiest hot chocolate – or so said the recipe. That’s all I needed to read before I was sold, I’m not sure about you. Infused with the Christmas tones of cinnamon and nutmeg, these are the perfect cookie if you’ve got a sweet tooth for chocolate.

Get the recipe here.


19.  Soft & Chewy Molasses Cookies

Whilst I can’t quite guarantee a window full of snow, you can still enjoy these cookies this Christmas. Sweetened with natural maple syrup and molasses, they’re the perfect way to indulge but still cut back on your sugar intake. Dipped in dark chocolate and crushed pistachio, these  look pretty elegant, too.

Get the recipe here.


20.  Oatmeal, Cranberry & Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe is a bit like one for a classic chocolate oatmeal cookie but with a little more fruit than chocolate. So they’re healthier, right? The oat base works so well against the cranberries and there’s just a little edge of creaminess  from the chocolate chips.

Get the recipe here.


21. Raw Hazelnut Chocolate Cookies

Basically, these are just Nutella, in delicious cookie form! Another easy one to make, and because there’s no hot oven involved, this recipe is a good one for kids to participate in making.

Get the recipe here.


22. Nutcracker Cookies

It just wouldn’t be a vegan food list without something from the wonderful Oh She Glows! This one is for chunky biccie lovers, and also make a great Christmas gift when presented in a lovely jar.

Get the recipe here.


23. Gingerbread ‘Volk’

These crunchy cookies are neither men nor women: they’re just ‘volk’! As they’re vegan as well, you could say these are the most politically correct Christmas cookies imaginable. Poke a hole in their heads and you can string them up on the tree, too

Get the recipe here.


24. Orange Snowball Cookies

Powdered sugar just has me thinking of the snowy days of my childhood, spent playing outside (but just try getting me out in the cold now. Ha!) They’re soft yet crunchy and mixed with pecans and an intense burst of orange, so this is great if you love your baked goodies with a little zest.

Get the recipe here.  


25. Chocolate Gingerbread Men

These cute little guys have the warming spices of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and vanilla but they also have the added kick of cacao powder to give them a chocolatey vibe. The addition of molasses and brown sugar give them both a sweet and caramel-esque flavour. You can even decorate them with the kids!

Get the recipe here.  


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