A Virtual Fashion Shoot For Life In Lockdown

How would a virtual fashion shoot work? This team asked themselves that question….and pulled it off beautifully!

By Chere Di Boscio

There can be little doubt that Covid has really wreaked havoc on many professional activities, and doing fashion shoots is definitely one of them.

If you’ve never been on a shoot, let me tell you: there are loads of people milling around, and there’s also a lot of close contact. The stylist will be pinning stuff onto the model; the photographer will be pushing limbs into more attractive positions, and the hairstylist and makeup artist, of course, will both be in very close contact indeed with the model.

So, in light of current social-distancing protocols, how can such creativity go on?

The Eco Studio decided to take action with an innovative idea.

To continue giving a voice to sustainable brands, they shot their latest sustainable editorial “virtually.”

Each member of the team made their contribution from their own home, via those marvels of modern technology, FaceTime and Zoom.

Emy from the Eco Studio told me: “It’s been exciting and the results has been great. We did this NEW ERA Editorial entirely captured via streaming and video calls.”

“I had been thinking for a while about how I could continue offering our creative services even during life in lockdown, and then it hit me: we could do this ‘virtually,'” she said.

“I contacted the photographer, Fulvia Bernacca, who was already working on a project called “Lockdown Portrait Stories” around the world via Zoom, and I proposed that we do a shooting together in the same way; an editorial adapting to the conditions of the present moment.”

Emy then sent her idea on to some sustainable fashion brands in Europe to see if they’d be happy to participate in the project. Every brand she contacted was highly enthusiastic, and they explained this was because now more than ever, sustainable fashion brands need to keep in touch with their customers. What better way than through a fashion shoot?

So how did it work, exactly? Emy explained: “As the stylist, I guided our beautiful model, Ginevra, regarding which clothes to wear with which accessories, and how to play around with them a bit. Via FaceTime, the photographer, Fulvia, guided her about how to work her postures and lighting. Believe it or not, there was absolutely no artificial lighting involved in this shoot. It was basically just sunlight! Ginevra set up the front camera device, as instructed by Fulvia, who was sitting hundreds of kilometres away in a different city!”

Amazingly, the virtual fashion shoot was not only successful, but it was dirt cheap and super-eco-friendly, too.

As Emy explained, there would normally be a few flights involved: the model, photographic team and makeup artists also normally need to be housed in hotels and require the payment of their daily expenses, like food and taxis.

In this case, all the team needed was a desktop computer, a high res phone camera and a few video-calling apps to create some memorable shots of sustainable fashion brands, including Bellekat, Marita Moreno and JF Project.

So happy was the team with their results, they are now planning to do other editorials as well as virtually shot look books.

Sustainability is Creativity!

Production @the.eco.studio
Photographer @fulviabernacca
Direction & Styling @sustainably_by_emy
Model @ginevra_salustri
Sustainable Brands

A Virtual Fashion Shoot

A Virtual Fashion Shoot A Virtual Fashion Shoot A Virtual Fashion Shoot A Virtual Fashion ShootA Virtual Fashion Shoot A Virtual Fashion Shoot

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  1. How clever to do a virtual fashion shoot to promote sustainable fashion brands. The end results are fantastic, I’m particularly impressed by the play of light and shadows. It must have been interesting for the model to learn more about photography techniques too.

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