Parisian Sustainable Fashion Brands: A Shoot

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Paris is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. The City of Lights is the birthplace not only of haute couture, but also the world’s most acclaimed fashion houses, including Chanel, Dior and Saint Laurent.

So no wonder the secondhand market here is booming – pieces from those iconic brands (and more) are especially coveted. Unlike some other countries, which want the ‘newest, latest’ designs, French women understand that rare secondhand garments and accessories are treasures to be cherished, and even passed down through the generations.

Perhaps the epitome of luxurious thrifting in Paris is the famous shop, Les 3 Marches de Catherine B.

This is one of Eluxe’s favourite places in Paris for extremely rare and even museum-level quality accessories. Nestled in the heart of Saint Germain des Près, her shop is treasure trove for the most coveted luxury vintage pieces in the world, especially Hermès and Chanel accessories. Catherine’s pieces have been exhibited in fashion retrospectives in venues such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the MOMA in New York.

This is exactly the kind of shop that Parisian-based stylist Emy Venturini would highly recommend! Emy started a platform called The Eco Studio to act as a creative agency dedicated to helping ethical brands rise to success. Thanks to her expertise working as a stylist for sustainable brands, including those which feature vintage and secondhand clothing, Emy is in a position to offer such brands exposure via commercial layouts, editorials, lookbooks, and video production.

For example? She created this photo shoot, below, to capture the chic sophistication of sustainable fashion through sustainable Parisian brands. Emy also launched her own label, Ipsilon Paris, that makes one of a kind creation from sustainable and upcycled fabrics.

She firmly believes that “Creativity can change the world,” and tries to express that creativity in her work.

Here below, we’re proud to feature one of her fashion shoots that highlights some of the hottest sustainable fashion brands from Paris.

Parisian Sustainable Fashion Brands: A Photoshoot

Parisian Sustainable Fashion Brands

Ipsilon Paris

This is a positive luxury streetwear brand that was founded by Emy. The word Ipsilon evokes the the 20th letter of the Greek alphabet, “Upsilon,” which Pythagoras used to symbolise the path of virtue or vice.

In that same manner, this believes that as we express each other our gratitude and love, we change the world around us. Clothes are made out of sustainable fabrics such as organic GOTS certified cotton and linen. Emy also uses upcycled materials like ECONYL, deadstock, and repurposed vintage clothes.


From My Mother  

Where’s the best vintage found? Our writer Chantal Brocca would say: from your mom’s closet! And that’s exactly what served as the inspiration behind this vintage label.

This line of vintage clothes for modern women was founded in the very heart of Paris. The owner, Rafaelle, first finds rare treasures from all around the world, and then uses her tailoring skills to add her own, French-girl chic twist to them, making them more contemporary. When she’s pleased with a garment, she then sells them at three of the coolest boutiques in the City of Lights: Merci Paris, Rose Market Vintage and Imparfaite Paris.

Belle Ikat

Extravagance and sustainability come together in one name: Belle Ikat. Made in Germany by women for women, the Mannheim-based brand is also widely available in Paris. The word “Ikat”  means “tie,” or “wrap” referring to the special dyeing technique this conscious label uses for its clothing. Individual sections of the strands are tied with wax or cords made from plant fibres, and when immersed in the colour bath, these sections remain raw white, and characteristic patterns emerge.

Only selected artisans weave fabrics for Belle Ikat, ensuring that every caftan, dress and blouse is unique. These blouses, dresses and tops have a somewhat ethnic flare, though not from one specific culture. For example, the blouse below has something Ukrainian about it, don’t you think? But the pattern is more Aztec. You could say this is the perfect label for globetrotters who love picking up on new cultures!

Parisian Sustainable Fashion Brands

Vivid Element

Designer Amy Daileda founded Vivid Element to allow her imagination to run wild with natural fabrics and dyes. Her comfortable and organically slow fashion collections are inspired by the beauty of celestial objects and the symmetry found in the tiny details of nature. Her garments are produced from small batches and feature zero waste patterns, rich, hand dyed colours, comfortable fits, and fabrics that are natural, high quality and environmentally friendly.

By Ninette

This PETA approved, eco-conscious label provides luxury vegan handbags created by Ervée and Sara, a mother and daughter team from Southern France. Their clutches, totes and shoulder bags for all occasions come in designs that are never out of style. Not only is this brand vegan and eco-friendly, but it’s also manufactured using ethical practices.

Parisian Sustainable Fashion Brands

For the Images:

Styled by Sustainably_by_Emy
Photographer @alessandra.huynh_ph
Hair and MUA @katiuscia.pezzullo
Model @andyandenok
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