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Skip the Skip! 30 Vegan Recipes For Leftovers

By Lora O’Brien We all want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, right? And that certainly involves wasting food less. But even the most eco conscious cooks often find themselves staring at a bowl of uneaten, soggy salad, wondering: ‘what…

Magazine Recipes

Good Korma! 24 Simple Vegan Curry Recipes

By Anisha Mistry What’s your comfort food? Peanut butter and jelly on toast? Mashed potatoes? A big bowl of pasta? Being from Indian origins, I wanted to share some deliciously diverse vegan curry recipes, since curry is definitely my…

Magazine Recipes

20 Creamy Vegan Dessert Recipes for Summer

By Diane Small Think of summer desserts and one thing comes to mind: ice cream. While it’s true that most people scream for ice cream, vegans (and the lactose intolerant) have a problem with this tasty treat. But never…

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Manish’s Numeroscope for November 2017

Numerology has been practiced in India and beyond for thousands of years. To get your numeroscope predictions for this month, first determine your life path number, which is the most important number in your numerology chart, and is derived…


25 Indulgent Breakfast in Bed Recipes For Vegans

By Lora O’Brien Whilst it shouldn’t come down to one day to show our loved ones just how much we cherish and adore them, we usually do celebrate love on certain fixed days: birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s…

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Utility Belt: The Dangers of Smart Meters

By Jody McCutcheon Technology’s purpose is to increase our standard of living. Yet sometimes we’re so enamoured by the convenience or pleasure a new product offers that we overlook its risks. Or perhaps the risk may not be immediately…