Fashion Week Glamour–But at What Price?

New York, London, Milan, Paris. The Fashion Week Merry-Go-Round cycle has started up once again, with top models showing off top designs in the world’s top capitals. We love the music, the glamour, the creativity–but we must remember it comes with a price.

Greenpeace’s Fashion Duel points out that after agriculture, the world’s most polluting industry is actually fashion, and challenges leading design brands to ensure that their clothing doesn’t contribute to deforestation or pollution. So far, Valentino has come out on top, with Chanel, Prada and Hermes counting amongst the most harmful brands to the environment.

What can we do? Well, for starters, we need to stop glamourising brands that are ultimately contributing to habitat destruction, animal extinction and human illnesses–just in the name of fashion. We need to pressure them to be more transparent in their practices and careful of the world’s resources, like Valentino is. And if they can’t–or won’t–they really do deserve to be stigmatised. After all, what would you prefer: clean drinking water, or a Chanel handbag? Having tigers in the world, or more Hermes packaging?

We know our answer.

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