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Clean Up Your Eating with 26 Detox Recipes

By Lora O’Brien.

Modern living means toxic living. Toxins are basically substances that are considered to cause physical harm or damage – the best example would be alcohol, which most of us have likely over-indulged in throughout the holidays, but caffeine is another culprit. It’s found naturally in tea and some beans, such as coffee beans and cacao beans (used in making chocolate, these are beans from the cocoa tree), and is really meant to be a deterrent from the beans being eaten by invading insects. By over-stimulating the central nervous system of invading insects, caffeine tends to cause insects to collapse. For we humans, it causes our heart rate to increase, the blood vessels to restrict and the air passages to relax. Most of us drink a cuppa a day, and the effects do build up, stressing our nervous system and liver.

Then there’s processed food. Excesses of chemicals, sugar, processed flours, herbicides and pesticides, preservatives and sweeteners stress out the pancreas and liver, sometimes even leading to diseases like diabetes.

But it’s not just what you eat or drink that should lead you to detox – toxins are found in our air thanks to smokers, pollution from industry and cars; there are toxins in cosmetics too, which we absorb through our skin.

In short, urban humans have never had to suffer such a toxic load before in history – it’s definitely a good idea to detox your system whenever possible.

Personally, I believe that just like with exercise, detox eating should be embraced as a way of living. Every day, we should try to buy organic food whenever possible; avoid skincare and makeup products that are not all natural (check out our shop for organic and healthy beauty items if you’re not sure where to buy) and of course, avoid ingesting known toxins like alcohol, prescription medications, cigarettes and caffeinated drinks.

This all becomes a bit easier when you know what to eat, of course!

The recipes below have been chosen for their abilities to cleanse the body. Watermelon and cucumber are high in water, and I selected quite a few drinks and soup on this list, all of which help to flush out the kidneys – of course, the best thing you can do to detox is drink lots of fresh mineral water, but these drinks and soups add a bit of flavour. Beetroot is a powerful blood cleanser, and has been included here for that reason, while the garlic and onions in some of the recipes  boost immune function. Ginger and cinnamon are also included because they halt the inflammation in the body that can lead to disease over time, and the many greens that are found in the recipes boost your body’s vitamin intake, and provide fibre for cleaning out the digestive system.

But the most important thing to keep in mind when going through these detox recipes is that they were all selected for how wonderful they taste. To your health!


1. Citrus Dream Detox Juice

The perfect way to detox and get a bunch of goodness into your system is with juicing. Drinking your vitamins is a great way for those who a little adverse to their fruit and veg to still reap the rewards of plant based goodness and this juice is a perfect starter. Not too sweet, the ginger in this juice is the real winner. It’s perfect for warding off colds and flu that are rife at the moment. This juice also looks like a sunset in a glass. Who wouldn’t want to drink a sunset?

Get the recipe here.


2. Mojito Cleansing Juice 

A cleansing juice is the perfect way to rid the body of toxins. And after Christmas, I’m sure we’ve all had our one or six glasses too many of champers. But if you’re still not ready to give up alcohol, this is the detox juice for you as it’s a virgin take on the mojito cocktail. Cucumbers are a loved or hated food, but they truly hold such magical goodness we should all try and eat them a little bit more in the new year. Not only do they fight inflammation and keep your breath fresh, they help support our digestive system which probably needs a little TLC after all of our Christmas antics.

Get the recipe here.


3. Liver Boosting Beet Juice

There are lots of reasons why you need to take care of your liver. Aside from the obvious overload of champagne, a diet rich in carbohydrates, sugar and processed fats puts a lot of stress on this organ, which is ultimately responsible for cleansing your bloodstream. You may not be aware how your lifestyle impacts your liver; whether you exercise too much, live in a city bustling with polluted air or simply find you don’t get enough sleep at night, your liver takes a blow. To be kind to your liver and treat it to this wonderful beetroot based juice.

Get the recipe here.


4. Clear Kidney Watermelon Flush 

We’ve detoxed our liver and now it’s time to lend a little TLC to our kidneys. Our kidneys work 24/7, so a kidney cleanse is a great thing to especially if you’re suffering from severe energy slumps. It’s also wonderful to do if you have bloating, pain when eating certain foods or if your skin is suffering after eating mass amounts of chocolate. Watermelon is the perfect ingredient to flush out our kidneys as it’s basically water, but better tasting. Blend it together with a lime and it’ll give you both a refreshing and zingy drink that will feel more like a treat than a cleanse.

Get the recipe here.


5. Chia Fresca

Chia seeds may be small, but boy do they pack an almighty health dosage. They’re full of vital omega-3 fatty acids and once added to liquid, they expand to large gelatinous balls that absorb the flavour of whatever they’re soaked in, making them so versatile. This is a natural energy drink, the perfect recipe to make when you’re looking for that burst of energy pre or post gym, or just in the afternoon when you’re looking for a little pick me up. This drink has coconut water and pineapple giving it a tropical vibe, but if you’re looking for an ultra cleanse, you can always sub them for lemon and lime, giving it more of a citrus punch.

Get the recipe here.


6. Tropical Detox Salad

Salads not really your thing? Try and jazz them up with the addition of fruit and nuts. Dressings are also a fabulous way to add flavour to bland lettuce based salads; however make sure you make them yourself from scratch to have full control over what goes into them, as commercial brands are normally packed with added sugar and nasty additives!

Get the recipe here.


7. Rainbow Detox Salad with Ginger Dressing

Ever fancied tasting the rainbow? Well now you can. Not only is this salad bright, vibrant and bursting with colour it’s packing a real flavour punch, too. It’s got a variety of different veggies and the addition of quinoa makes this salad filling enough for a lunch. The optional dressing is pretty tasty too, with the addition of ginger and honey.

Get the recipe here.


8. Post Yoga Detox Salad

No doubt we’re all making the same resolution this new year; to get fit. Am I right? Well if so, getting fit is a fabulous step to make towards health, but you still need to remember to feed the body some goodness. This salad is the perfect lunch to throw together after a session at the gym or a yoga class. It may be quick to make but it holds so much nutrition, and again, the healthy quinoa is a grain that is going to leave your hunger satisfied whilst keeping you healthy.

Get the recipe here.


9. Detox Salad

Angela Liddon has re-created this feel good salad for you to enjoy. If you’re looking to cut back on your carb load, cauliflower is a perfect substitute for flour and spuds. I know you’re probably thinking – cauliflower? Are you sure? But when pulsed down in a food processor, it turns to a rice like texture, making it the perfect ‘grain’ to throw into a salad. With the crunchy pine nuts, the abundance of detoxifying ingredients, this tasty salad will work wonders on your body.

Get the recipe here.


10. Vanilla & Spice Salad

Another sweet salad! If bland lettuce based salads aren’t your thing, you’ll love this mix of raw parsnips, carrots and cauliflower which have all been pulsed down to resemble couscous. Then small, diced chunks of pineapple, mango, red pepper and cucumber is added giving it sweeter tones. It’s almost like a sweet and sour recipe, perfect for those looking to cut back on their weekend takeaways and detox healthily.

Get the recipe here.


11. Super Simple Detox Salad

Salads need not be complicated and have you Googling ingredients you’ve never even heard before. Detoxing is also a fabulous way of eating up leftover vegetables you may have lingering in your fridge. With the super detoxifying beetroot, kale, apple there’s a lot of crunch in this salad and it’s going to leave you feeling amazing. However, this simple salad can be used as a base for various different dishes. The whole beauty of salads if that you can literally eat whatever you like in them. So if there’s something you don’t like or prefer, switch it up, girl.

Get the recipe here.


12. Garlic Roasted Butternut Squash, Kale & Wheatberry Salad

Anyone else salivate over garlic roasted anything? I don’t know what it is about garlic that has my hunger rumbling on like thunder. It’s a delicious and the perfect ingredient for any detox salad as it adds SO much flavour.

Get the recipe here.


13. Broccoli & Spinach Detox Soup

Soups are a great way of detoxing. You can throw in so much goodness, blend it down and voila! The additional of garlic and spinach make this a wonderful flu-busting soup to combat colds this season whilst simultaneously detoxing your body.

Get the recipe here.


14. Sweet Potato Detox Soup

Not only is this soup packed with vitamin A and lots of fibre, it’s just damn right delicious. Sweet potato soup is heavenly, and this recipe also has additional red lentils to pack it out and fill you up. The sweet potato blends so well with the flavours of carrot, parsnips and onion, then it’s lightly seasoned with a range of flavours, and has my favourite ingredient; garlic! Make a doubled amount and take it with you to work all week.

Get the recipe here.


15. Beetroot & Ginger Soup

We knew we could count of our favourite girl Madeleine Shaw to provide us with a delicious detoxifying soup recipe, and this beetroot soup looks amazing with its vibrant consistency. Working against the earth tones of beetroot is red onion, garlic (obviously) and freshly grated ginger. It’s also made creamy by the addition of coconut yoghurt. Whoever said soups were boring?

Get the recipe here.


16. Creamy Zucchini Soup

If like me you’re not quite sure what to do with zucchini (or courgettes if you prefer the French word) then this recipe is great for you – it’s so easy, too! All it requires is streaming and blending, that’s basically it. Coupled with the tastes of onion and garlic this soup may be quick to make but it’s full of flavour, and really works to cleanse and replenish the body.

Get the recipe here.


17. No-Chicken Chicken Soup

Firstly, let me just specify . . . this no chicken soup is 100% vegan and absolutely zero chickens were harmed in the making of it. Right, now let’s get down to business. This soup is perfect for those vegans who still miss the chicken like soup they used to have. The chick peas really soften in this recipe, and with the brown rice it makes for a filling soup so this is great for a lunch or even a dinner.

Get the recipe here.


18. Roasted Butternut Squash & Apple Soup

This is a really thick soup, perfect for those of you who don’t enjoy basic broths and long for something heartier. The main divas of this dish is the butternut squash and the apple. There’s also some added cinnamon and nutmeg, complementing the apple and reducing inflammation in the body. There is mushroom and celery in this soup, but with the butternut squash and apple taking centre stage, you can definitely switch this up and add cauliflower or broccoli if you’d prefer. Just make sure the substitute is a subtle flavour as you don’t want to add anything that’s going to work against the main flavours.

Get the recipe here.


19. Black Bean & Quinoa Chilli

Whilst cleansing, it’s vital to keep your body running on foods that provide some energy. Cleansing is in no way about starvation – it’s more about giving your body a little break from processed foods. This black bean chilli is a really fab recipe for creating a healthy yet filling dinner, and it’s another easy one to throw together. You cook it all in a pot until boiling, reduce to a simmer and leave for half hour, and then top it with some spring onion and avocado. Easy yet wholesome and delicious!

Get the recipe here.



20. Soy & Chickpea Burgers

If whilst detoxing your body your cravings strike for something naughty like a burger, don’r reach for the takeaway menu. Actually, just throw them away right now! This burger is quite a healthy one and won’t leave you with the guilt that plagues after a greasy takeaway. For added detoxing, nix the bun!

Get the recipe here.


21. Green Goddess Pizza

Pizza doesn’t have a great reputation. It’s known for being the highly calorific, unhealthy takeaway that we usually cave into due to its crunchy texture and gooey cheese. Luckily, pizza is easy to recreate in a healthy, tasty way too! The base for this whole wheat one can be substituted for spelt or gluten free flour, topped with broccoli stem pesto, kale and asparagus with some lemon. And who really doesn’t just love the colour green?

Get the recipe here.


22. Superfood Fruit & Nut Trail Mix

Trail mixes are such a superb snack to have on hand at all times. When you find yourself a little on the hungry side with no idea of what to eat, just have a little pot of these. Packed full of superfood fruits and nuts, these guys are not only healthy, but a little dosage of energy as they’re going to keep you filled up until you eat next, making them the perfect little snack to eat between a meal. And you can switch up the fruit and nuts to whatever you fancy. Not an almond fan? Try cashews. Hate coconut? Try delicious mulberries.

Get the recipe here.


23. Oven Baked Cinnamon & Nutmeg Apple Slices

If you’ve yet to try the crisp flavour of baked apple slices, you’re in for a treat, my friends! This is the perfect go-to snack when making during a detox. It’s essentially just dried fruit with seasoning, yet it tastes amazing! If you’ve got kids and are wanting to steer them away from the chocolate based treats, make these for them and I promise they’re going to love them. If they’re fussy with flavour, try lashings of lime for a more citrusy vibe, or even a drizzle of maple syrup for added sweetness.

Get the recipe here.



24. Maple Roasted Chickpeas

Love peanut brittle but hate the sugar and calories? These are the next best thing! Make a batch of these and store them in a lock tight jar. Once roasted, the chickpeas will harden up and have a wonderful crunch to them, making them a great switch from candy. And who doesn’t love maple roasted anything?!

Get the recipe here.


25. Salt & Vinegar Kale Chips

Salt and vinegar is a classically English combination. It literally makes my mouth water just thinking about it. The crunchy salt and the delicious tangy bite of the vinegar . . . but whilst we’re aware crisps obviously aren’t very good for us, healthy eating isn’t about deprivation, it’s about finding better alternatives. So these kale chips are the perfect substitute whilst cleansing, and longing for an afternoon snack similar to our childhood love of chips!

Get the recipe here.


26. Simple Mint Pea Dip

Dips are a really great option to have on hand during a detox. After Christmas you want to throw away all the foods that make you sluggish and you may not even think twice about dips and sauces, but they do have a LOT of hidden sugar and nasty stuff in them. This minty pea dip is a great recipe to whip up on a Sunday to carry you through the week ahead. Enjoy it as a snack with gluten free crackers, a dollop on top of your salad or just as a side dish with veggie dippers.

Get the recipe here.


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