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5 Way Better Alternatives to Black Friday

By Bethanie Dennis Christmas shopping season is about to officially begin, and it all really kicks off on Friday the 24th of November, a.k.a. Black Friday, where consumers battle it out for heavily discounted goods so they can tick-off items…

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Meet the Winners of the 2018 Eluxe Awards!

By Diane Small It was a greatly anticipated and carefully planned event, but the Eluxe Awards were tough going this year – there were more brands and categories than ever to choose from, our People’s Choice vote garnered so…

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Uh Oh! Yet Even More Reasons to Ban H&M

By Arwa Lodhi Meet Hoda Katebi, a feminist, political activist, and the creator of JooJoo Azad, a blog aimed at “challenging Orientalist mainstream media representations of Middle-Eastern, Hijab-wearing, Muslim women,” and revealing unethical brands, amongst other things. Since Hoda shares many of…

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Utility Belt: The Dangers of Smart Meters

By Jody McCutcheon Technology’s purpose is to increase our standard of living. Yet sometimes we’re so enamoured by the convenience or pleasure a new product offers that we overlook its risks. Or perhaps the risk may not be immediately…