Island E-Motion Yacht: the E is for Eco

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By Jody McCutcheon

Prepare for the perfect marriage of luxury and sustainability, as the Island(E)Motion Floating Island concept yacht is exactly what its name suggests: a floating paradise. Blending earth, sky and water with sumptuous accommodations, the craft’s designers–Swiss architect firm MCM Designstudio–have a keen eye on the sustainable luxury lifestyle market.  Yacht-IslandEMotion-Concept-5

Measuring roughly 200 metres by 40 metres, and incorporating as many as four deck levels, the Island(E)Motion’s volumes easily surpass that of traditional yachts. The craft offers seven “living decks,” each with (among other amenities) private spa, indoor pool-slash-dancefloor, home cinema, massage/ gym facilities, and dining for up to 24 people. The yacht also offers sports facilities, entertainment options, conference facilities, and of course, a private heli-pad.


Who’d have thought the source of all this luxurious fun and relaxation would be so eco-friendly? The hull is made of repurposed steel. Interiors and exteriors are constructed wherever possible from recyclable materials like bamboo, stone and glass. The uppermost deck is fashioned from reclaimed teak and decorated with permaculture vegetation and greened roofs. These biotic systems recycle rainwater and offer insulation. A cruising speed of 8-to-10 knots allows the floating island to accommodate a sand beach and real palm trees.  island_emotion_yacht_by_visualizationcompl-d5wzsjj

The Island(E)Motion harnesses sun, wind and wave power to reduce energy needs and consumption, and ultimately its eco-impact. Electrical energy and hot water demands are met by hydrogen fuel cells and 700 square metres of solar panels and solar glass windows, while wind turbines built into the main deck exploit wind energy. Sophisticated onboard plumbing provides efficient water and waste-management systems. All told, the craft’s eco-footprint is 60% less than that of traditional yachts.


As such, the Island(E)Motion would be allowed into areas like national parks and world heritage locations. Imaging seeing firsthand the world’s most beautiful expressions of nature; and while these stunning places will make quite an impact on you, your incursions will make very little impact on them.


Images: MCM Studios


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