Meet The Winners Of PETA Vegan Homeware Awards

The PETA Vegan Homeware Awards winners have been announced….and we’re pretty impressed!

By Lora O’Brien

Veganism is on the rise, but it’s not just about what’s on our plate or the clothes that we wear, it’s about what’s in our homes, too! People are waking up to the reality that you simply don’t need to harm animals to have a stylish home, with more people than ever before looking for sustainable and cruelty-free ways to decorate. Vegan fabrics, whether they’re natural or synthetic, are kinder to animals and a more environmentally-friendly option.

The PETA Vegan Homeware Awards celebrates the products, brands and designers who are at the top of their game. The awards were created to celebrate revolutionary products which highlight just how far we’ve come with removing animal products from our lives, in every aspect. Whether you’re looking for a vegan-friendly sofa, bedding set or some simple home furnishings, check out the winning brands below who are leading by example!

Meet The Winners Of The PETA Vegan Homeware Awards 2020

PETA Vegan Homeware Awards


Studio Hooton Vegan Interiors

Whether it’s a chic city loft or a country retreat, designer Emma Hooton is dedicated to helping homeowners create beautiful homes without using any animal-derived materials.

With a variety of spaces on her portfolio, Emma helps clients to decorate deluxe abodes that are as comfortable and habitable as they are stylish.

PETA Vegan Homeware Awards


Ultrafabrics Ultraleather Volar Bio Vegan Leather

With five decades of craftsmanship behind them, Ultrafabrics is a brand that is passionate about reshaping the world of animal-free performance fabrics, creating materials that fuse together practicality and sustainability.

Taking vegan leather beyond oil-derived materials, their new design Ultraleather Volar Vio is the first of its kind. Experimenting with plant-based fibres, Ultrafabrics have made a corn-derived material available in a variety of lovely mineral shades that will compliment any home.

PETA Vegan Homeware Awards


Weaver Green Andalucia Zahara Footstool

When you think of ways to upcycle plastic bottles, I doubt a footstool comes to mind, but that’s the power of creativity! This eye-catching footstool is created by vegan decor company Weaver Green and is made using recycled plastic bottles.

The stool is water-resistant, easy to clean and kind to our planet. The stool is the perfect home accessory for supporting tired feet or, magazines or a coffee tray.


John Lewis & Partners Alternative Flooring Seagrass Carpet

You wouldn’t believe the number of people who don’t give a second thought to what their sofas and carpets are made from! They’re often made from very nasty, highly chemical products.

But high street brand John Lewis are making more ethical choices readily available to consumers. Hard-wearing and super versatile, this flatweave carpet will add a natural touch to any interior.


H&M Home Conscious Cotton Duvet Cover Set

This whimsical duvet cover, made of organic cotton and part of H&M Home’s Conscious Collection, is the PERFECT set for kids who care about wild animals.

Featuring cute pictures of animals from elephants to foxes, it’s a wonderful gender-neutral bedroom accessory for little ones of all ages.

PETA Vegan Homeware Awards


Helen Moore’s Latte Faux Fur Comforter Throw

Home furnishings are the little touches that make a home, and a simple throw can add a touch of comfort to any room. Looking for the perfect throw to complement your interior?

This faux-fur throw by brand Helen Moore offers a touch of luxury with this super-soft throw that no animals suffered or died for.


AESOP Cythera Aromatique Room Spray

Every home needs a little freshening up from time to time, but most scented candles and room sprays are full of toxins!

This home spray is a much better way to freshen up any space. Two to three pumps will release a veil of geranium, woody patchouli and warming myrrh into your home, not only making it smell gorgeous, but calming your mind, too.




Ralph Lauren Cable Knit Cotton Throw

If you’re looking for more of a bold statement for your home, cable-knit throws from preppy American brand Ralph Lauren may be the perfect accessories for you.

Snuggle up into this cosy, cotton cable-knit warmth. Ralph Lauren proves that beautiful blankets CAN be made without wool, sparing sheep from the misery of being shorn!

PETA Vegan Homeware Awards



Noggins & Binkles Luxury Dog Pillow 

Though we love our pets, sometimes pet beds don’t blend with the aesthetics of our home – until now, that is!

Made from eco-friendly, organic cotton canvas on the outside, this modern pillow cushion design is a luxury bed that your dog will love sleeping on, whether it’s on the window sill, floor or sofa. The inside is stuffed with 100% recycled polyester fibre fill, which is made from recycled PET bottles. It’s the perfect vegan alternative to feathers or wool.

This bed is the perfect size for cats, small dogs and puppies and even features a fully removable and washable cover.


Chesterfields of England’s The Chelsea Sofa

This classic design from Chesterfields of England is now available in vegan leather, making it the perfect choice for creating a stylish and cruelty-free home.

This modern yet timeless piece will bring sleek sophistication alongside elegance to your living room without funding the cruelty behind leather.



We should all spend around 8 hours in bed every single night, so what we sleep on matters! Forward-thinking brand Panda specialises in creating sheets and other bedding from plant-based fabrics. They mainly use bamboo, which can be cultivated without the use of fertilisers, pesticides, or herbicides.

Long-lasting and soft to the touch, Panda’s vegan range is the ultimate choice for a great night’s sleep.

PETA Vegan Homeware Awards


Somerset House’s Mushrooms: The Art, Design and Future of Fungi 

Why did the mushroom get invited to all of the parties? Because he’s a fun-gi! Okay, I couldn’t resist sharing my all-time favourite mushroom joke, but other than going great with avocado on toast, mushrooms are getting some serious recognition in the vegan world right now!

This innovative exhibition held at Somerset House in London focuses on the many uses of mushroom-derived materials in textiles, architecture and decor. With the aim to reimagine our approach to the planet, 40 leading creatives came together to explore eco-friendly designs utilising mushrooms in exciting new ways. They came up with everything from upcycled agro-waste to sustainable shoes!

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