7 Fabulous Interiors Trends For 2021

Stuck inside? These fabulous interiors trends for 2021 are designed to lift your spirits

By Chere Di Boscio

It’s an unfortunate fact that many of us have been forced inside our houses over the past year. Unsurprisingly, the top interiors trends for 2021 reflect our feelings about this confinement.

For example?

Since we’re craving being in nature, tropicalia, florals and biophilia are trends. As we’ve not been able to go to the office, Zoom rooms are now a thing. And since spas are off limits for most of us, home spa bathrooms are trending.

Want to learn more about the hottest interiors trends for 2021? We asked Sarah Barnard, a WELL and LEED accredited designer for tips. Here, she shares her decor trend ideas for 2021 that not only look fabulous, but that will help to support your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing, too.

7 Fabulous Interiors Trends For 2021

tropical interiors

1. Tropicalia

Remember the feeling of a salty breeze on your tanned skin? The sound of canaries and parrots in the distances? The hushes hiss of a tropical rainfall? All of these senses can be evoked with the trend for tropicalia. Yes, of course incorporating leafy plants is one of the easiest ways to follow this trend. But if you’ve not got green thumbs, don’t worry.

“While houseplants have grown into a huge industry, they are just the first layer of nature we can introduce into our homes. Shells, stones, flowers, and water features are other great natural elements to use,” says Sarah.

Get the look: We love the vegan friendly, coral velvet chair, below, by Audenza. It perfectly matches the tropical foliage, both real (in the gold pot – nice touch!) and framed.

Interiors Trends For 2021

2. Home spa bathrooms

What do you love about going to a spa? Is it the scented candles? The dim lighting? The thick, luxurious towels? Or the deep Jacuzzi? Whatever it is, bring it to your home so you can indulge whenever you like!

If you’ve got the space and budget, you could even install a home sauna. Infrared saunas are energy efficient, don’t require any special wiring or set up in your home, and don’t cost a mint. On more of a budget? Just add some pretty, natural soaps and accessories to your bathroom, like these below.

While tactile and visual items are important to creating a spa atmosphere, don’t forget the olfactory sense! According to Sarah, Diana Beresford-Kroeger, an expert in medical biochemistry, suggests that scent can change our moods, and even heal our bodies. Wondering how to do that at home? “I enjoy hanging a sprig of fresh eucalyptus in the shower to help clear sinuses, promote stress relief, and boost alertness,” she says.

Get the look: We love the look of this Olde Style soap and lotion duo by Barr & Co. It adds a touch of charm to any home spa bathroom!

organic soap

3. Macchiato

Maybe it’s because it’s a calming hue. Or maybe it’s because it reminds us of our favourite hot, cozy drink. In any case, macchiato is the neutral of the year!
Get the look: This is an easy one to achieve. It’s a classic colour that’s not likely to be out of style any time soon, and it pretty much matches everything. You can paint your walls a lovely latte colour, buy major furnishings in this shade, or if you prefer a quick, cheap update, just pop a few decorative macchiato home accessories around a room, such as cushions or vases.
Interiors Trends For 2021

4. Cheery florals

As with Tropicalia, cheery floral prints are bound to lift our collective mood. And there are so many to choose from! Florals come in all sizes, designs, and colours, and make the perfect accent to a room.

There’s no need to totally overhaul your home; small changes will do. For example, add some floral cushions to your sofa, or toss a printed duvet onto your bed. In the kitchen or bathroom, why not hang a framed print of flowers?
Floral wallpapers are also a great idea. Why not paper one feature wall?

Get the look: This organic cotton duvet and sheet set, below, features gorgeous blues and greens highlighted by splashes of red poppies. It’s energetic, bright, and definitely livens up an otherwise monochrome room!

Interiors Trends For 2021

5. Colourpop kitchens

Interior designer Michelle Salz-Smith of Studio Surface predicts that another of the biggest interiors trends for 2021 will be colour pops in kitchens.

Since these are normally fairly sterile rooms decorated in white or neutral woods, this is quite a change.

So, what colours should I use, you may be asking? Well, while avocado green and mustard yellow were hot when colour pop kitchens ruled in the 70s, today, look for periwinkle blue, blush pink, and of course, sea green.

Get the look:  You don’t need to go too crazy with the colour! For example, if your kitchen is currently white, you can paint one accent wall the shade that makes you happiest, or replace your cabinet doors with new ones in that hue.

kitchen colorpop

6. Zoom rooms

Where you take your calls for work is important. It’s pretty embarrassing to allow colleagues into your bedroom, for example. Especially if your bed is a mess!

And that’s why Zoom rooms are another of the hottest interiors trends for 2021.

Find a corner of your home with good internet, and then create a background. This could include:

  • A well-organized bookshelf
  • A camera-friendly accent wall
  • An attractive wall hanging.

All of these look professional, while showing fellow Zoomers a bit of your personality through your home decor.

The other crucial step for setting up a Zoom room is to adjust the lighting. Here are our top tips:

  • Natural lighting is best
  • Avoid sitting in front of a window, as the backlight will wash you out
  • Can’t avoid being in front of a window? Get room-darkening curtains and draw them for your next call
  • Remember: harsh overhead lighting is rarely flattering
  • If good natural light isn’t available, a lamp on either side of your laptop is the best option.

Get the look: This cotton and oak lamp lends some Scandi chic to any room. It’s as neutral as lighting gets, and having two of these placed on either side of where your computer sits will flatter your face when you’re on video calls.

sustainable wood lamp

7. Biophilia

This final trend is actually one of the biggest for this year. And it could be said to embody both trends number 1 and 4 above.

In short, biophilia is simply the love of all living things. In other words, nature. Sure, that can refer to plants, but it’s much more. This trend includes using all natural materials in your home, from wood and stone to straw and shells.

No need to buy anything new, either. The best thing you could do is make your doors and windows more visible to where you normally sit and hang out in your home. “Nature doesn’t have to be physically inside our home for us to experience the benefits of biophilic design. Orienting indoor spaces toward views of trees, the ocean, or even the sky is beneficial. If a window in your home lacks an inspiring view, consider planting nectar-bearing flowers in the windowsill. These will  attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators,” says Sarah.

Get the look: An easy way to add a biophilic element to your home is to get creative! “When natural elements and views of nature are in limited supply, I recommend artwork made of natural materials and artwork that inspires a connection to the outdoors to create a nature-like experience and a momentary transcendence,” says Sarah.

Interiors Trends For 2021

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