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Dramatically Eco French Theatre

By Chere Di Boscio

Theatres should be dramatic, and the brightly coloured, environmentally friendly Jean-Claude Carriere Theatre in France certainly embodies this idea.

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Conceived of by the renowned Montpellier architect firm  A+ architecture, the project has held up the environment as a priority from day one.    The natural environment surrounding the location of the theatres has been carefully considered, and the wooden construction, which can be entirely dismantled and recycled, uses timber that respects the wooded zone surrounding the space.
The building is entirely built of  recyclable materials, most of which were locally sourced, thus greatly reducing the  carbon footprint for this project.
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Moreover, the theatre is remarkable in terms of its energy efficiency. An innovative heating system, excellent insulation system and low energy lighting all contribute to reducing the energy necessary to make the place run.
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Respecting the neighbours, the acoustic insulation system has been optimised in order to avoid sound pollution and to create perfect interior acoustic settings for the stage. Retractable seating solutions, a modular stage frame, optimised technical   zones, and a bright and welcoming hallway all mean that this eco-friendly building will delight not only the public who come to see the plays inside, but also those who work behind the scenes, too.
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The Jean Claude Carriere theatre opens to the public September 21, 2013. For more information, click here.

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