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Keep Rollin’! Motorized Rollerskates

By Diane Small

Less dorky than a Segway and more eco friendly than an electric bike, these motorised electric roller skates get you where you need to be fast.
Easy to strap over any pair of running shoes, these babies have the power to propel you at up to 8 mph, thanks to an 80-watt motor integrated into its rugged fibre- reinforced nylon frame that powers its smooth-rolling 6″-diameter rubber tires.
A handheld wireless remote control throttles both skates simultaneously up to 8 mph; gentle stops are achieved by pulling the switch back–engaging the skates’ electronic brakes–or by dragging the heel stopper, old-school style.
These motorized rollerskates have a removable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 40 minutes of continuous power (5-6 mile range), which means the skates are perfect for zipping from A to B across a school campus, down the street to catch the bus, or they could even replace the bus altogether, making your daily urban commute a bit more fun. After about 5 hours of charging, you’re good to go again, and of course, they’re compatible with solar chargers. And for those who aren’t so sturdy on their feet, the roller skates include one removable training wheel.
They may not be as eco-friendly as walking, but for busy urban dwellers they’re better than hailing a taxi. And a whole lot more fun!

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