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Gas Guzzlers: Meet your Nemesis

Is it possible to love cars and driving and still be eco-friendly? Dale Vince, the founder of the UK based green energy company Ecotricity thinks so, and set out to prove it with the creation of his Nemesis electric car.

Designed by a team that included Peter Stevens, whose work includes styling the F1 McClaren supercar, the Nemesis boasts two 125kW motors that can carry this stylish sportscar from 0-160kph in 8.5 seconds. Fuelled by 96x100Ah 4.2V pouch lithium-polymer cobalt cells, the car’s 36kWh battery capacity, aerodynamic body and carbon-fibre body add up to one high-performance vehicle.

In fact, the car has apparently broken the UK electric land speed record, which was previously held by the grandson of racing icon Sir Malcolm Campbell, Don Wales, who reached 137mph in a Bluebird Electric in 2000.

In theory, the Nemesis can reach up to 200mph, but real-life conditions reduce that significantly, and it actually made it to 151mph. The car can go up to 150 miles between charges, which is a bit more than most modern electric vehicles.

Vince says he wanted to ‘smash the stereotype that electric cars are Noddy cars that no one wants to drive’. It seems Noddy has met his Nemesis. 

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