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Chop Cloc: Save Energy, Save Money

By Nick Miles

The Chop-Cloc is an innovative energy saver that makes your central heating more efficient by chopping the length of time that the heating is on for, without you noticing any difference in comfort.

You may assume that your thermostat is controlling your energy use well, but often the thermostat is in the wrong place, like in the hall, which means it is probably calling the heating on earlier and more often than is needed.

Try this quick experiment. Go and switch your central heating off for 15 minutes. Now go and switch it back on. Feel any different? No, you still feel as comfortable as you did 15 minutes ago. The heating is back on before your house has cooled enough for you to notice. This is a chop!


Chop-Cloc does this every hour automatically and you don’t need to be a scientist to understand that when something is off more it uses less energy.

Chop-Cloc can be set in different ways to maximise your savings – on average users save 16% of their heating bill, which means it’ll payback in less than 12 months. A thermostat is not needed, but an electrician is, to install it. But once it’s in your home, it’s super-easy to use: large houses or cold days require a longer warm-up, say, 90 mins. The boiler will work to heat the home up for that period of time, then, you simply set the clock to a ‘chop’ setting. So, if you choose a 15 minute chop, the boiler will stay on for 45 minutes, then stop for 15, then go on again for 45, and so on.

There’s no noticeable difference in the warmth you’ll feel, and no difference whatsoever in the hot water provision to your home, but you will notice a big chop in your energy bills, and if we all did this, it would make a big difference to our collective carbon footprint, too.

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