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Artful Rubbish: Scorpion Sisters

By Arwa Lodhi

Michelle Threadgould is the woman behind The Scorpion Sisters, a jewellery and furniture studio that bases its creations on the use of upcycled materials.    Currently based in San Francisco, the Scorpion Sisters is part of the 25th Street Collective, a group of artisans in the Bay area of California who are dedicated to sparking a return to sustainable production processes.

Sunlit neatness.

Michelle says that she’s always wanted to be an artisan of some kind: since she stumbled across boxes of her dad’s old mix music tapes as a child, she was always attracted to crates full of stored trinkets, imagining what she could do with the contents. A true ecologist, she could never understand why people need to keep consuming so much new stuff when there’s already so much useful old stuff in the world.  

Though there is obviously so much discarded material in the world she could work with, she states that each piece she uses is chosen ‘because it speaks to me and is related to the other piece. I might  find a broken piece of jewellery or a lost chain that was someone else’s trash, but it still retains its beauty, and is still usable and needs to be revisioned to make it beautiful again’02.


Michelle’s own home is filled with trash-turned-treasure, but apart from being filled with lovely furniture, it’s also full of inspiration. Anyone who sees it will never think of broken window sills, defunct doors or broken chairs as rubbish again.

To see more of Michelle’s work, click through the slide show below.  

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