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5 Steps To Create Your Own Urban Garden

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi There’s so little green in cities these days that finally, citizens are taking matters into their own hands. Guerilla Gardening is now a growing a thing – figuratively and literally. In case you’re not familiar,…

Eco architecture Homes & Tech

Clearing The Air With Parin Shah Architects

By Jody McCutcheon Architects employ many strategies to achieve sustainability. From the application of basic design principles and use of environmentally friendly materials and construction methods, to the implementation of features promoting energy efficiency, the various tricks of the…

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A Whale Of A Boat: The Seataci Eco Yacht

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi What’s more majestic than a whale? Enormous yet graceful, ancient yet mysterious, the whale has inspired everything from literature to music. And now, yachts. Engineer Charles Bombardier used the silhouette of the blue whale to…

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Vintage Vroom: The Quail Rally

By Jody McCutcheon As we’ve stated before, we here at Eluxe are fans of vintage cars. Not only are they beautiful and a nod to past automotive glory, but they also provide added utility while keeping “what’s already made…

Eco decor Homes & Tech

1.618 + Northmodern: A Golden Design Partnership

By Jody McCutcheon Northmodern, Copenhagen’s most-visited trade fair, made its annual appearance in the Bella Centre’s Crystal Hall from August 18–20, boasting an eclectic offering of creativity and sustainability to a curious, demanding public. Within that, sixteen exhibitors from…