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Label Love: The Autonomous Collection

By Millennia Severino

London based Australian designer, Kim Stevenson founded The Autonomous Collections through her unwavering love of ethical practices and sustainability, which grew from a pressing concern for the environment. Stevenson’s vision is to revive and challenge our sense of self; to inspire subcultures and youth movements to express their respect and love for their environment.

The Autonomous Collections embodies the spirit of self-expression, stimulating your senses with unique, global garment construction techniques and embellishments carried down through artisanal traditions; an intrinsic part of our collective identity and history. The Clouded Collection originates spiritually from the Mongolian altitudes and native tribes. Influenced by their use of wool yarns and oversized, belted silhouettes, Stevenson collaborated with John England to ethically produce woven garments created exclusively for this collection.

The Clouded Collection is made with different arrays of natural fibres; cotton, wool and linen layers are loosely fitted, with embellishments including shredding, weaving, fraying and embroidering. Every garment has its own unique details, giving a soft, edgy effect. Its earthy, natural, whole look is truly timeless.

The Autonomous Collections created this eco-styling sensation into a must-have look that defines the wearer irrespective of age, race or gender. Rich with the colours of summer, this fun, fit-for-all collection is sure to endure for seasons to come.

human hair wigs

Wigs: addcolo
Veil: Here
Assistant: Luca Scalici


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    Fusco Valentina
    Apr 13, 2017 at 11:58 pm

    Really impressive photoshoot. Great job!

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