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Terra Urbana: Dark Times for the White Wolf

By Arwa Lodhi
Wolves are the theme of Slovenian Β sustainable high-end Β fashion label Terra Urbana Crystal this season, for two main reasons.
First off, the collection was modelled by actress Katarina Cas, whose latest film was–you guessed it–the Wolf of Wall Street. The blonde beauty shows the Milan-based brand’s romantic styles and plush materials in a local wood, which emphasises the second reason for the wolf theme: due to human expansion into their natural habitats, hunting, and climate change, the European white wolf’s numbers are in serious decline.
Terra Urbana hopes that by highlighting the fact that they use mainly organic fabrics dyed with botanical extracts and fastened with vegetable based buttons, they will help blaze a trail for other brands to do the same, thus reducing the pollution that is killing off our planet and its species.
‘Every year the importance of how humans work and live, even dress, is increasing,’ says Mateja, one of the brand’s founders. ‘With our clothes, we are trying to reduce our impact on the planet, and we believe this is one small step to prove that we care about animals.’
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